See What a Positive and Proactive Sales Process Looks Like

Last week, I shared a post that contained “Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through Your Workday.” I promised that today, I would discuss why inspiration—backed with the right tools and discipline—is essential if you are going to be successful in your sales process.

Some people think sales is primarily about personality. Remember Willy Loman? He thought that as long people liked you, everything else would be okay. I’m certainly not going to tell you that an ability to connect with prospects isn’t an advantage. But your sales process had better have a few more ingredients than that one.

Why Inspiration Matters

Inspiration works on several levels. A set of words (like the quotations I shared last week) can resonate and affect your attitude about your job, and life in general. That new perspective can create energy, purpose and a positive attitude. But another thing that whips up inspiration is optimism.

Think about the crowd at a ballgame. When the home team is down by five runs, things can get pretty quiet. But score a few, and get a couple of runners on base, the whole place comes to life. Why? Obviously, it’s because now they have hope. Now they can see a path to winning.

Adding Inspiration to Your Sales Process

Your sales process works the same way. If it all comes down to chemistry, then a salesperson is likely to feel defeated much of the time. You can’t force likeability. That’s a superficial thing to hang your hat on. The goal shouldn’t be to become buddies. The essence of a successful business relationship is offering value.

When a salesperson is well armed with tools that help clarify and explain the value his product or service can offer, that’s inspirational. It helps him or her visualize the path to sales success. That gets the crowd cheering.

Tools That Inspire Performance

“Maybe this time the appointment will go well.” Wishful thinking doesn’t work. Marketing enablement does. The people doing the selling in your organization will feel maximum inspiration when they are supported by tools that help them progress through the sales process and ultimately close the deal. Controlling your destiny is better than relying on chance.

Recently, we ran a series of posts on marketing enablement tools. They included email, QR codes, variable print, personal URLs and more. They’re worth checking out again.

And don’t forget well-chosen promotional items, widely acknowledged as the most effective form of advertising. Prospects remember you and appreciate the thought every time they use it. Now we’ve added even more to the equation. Take a personable sales rep and add an effective toolkit to keep the sales process moving toward resolution. Finally, include promotional items that display your logo prominently, and trigger an appreciative response from the prospect.

If You’re Inspired, Contact Us

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