Don’t Let False Perceptions Linger…

Today I have good news…and it provides a good lesson for all of us in business going forward. You might remember that in a recent post, we reported on an article in Popular Science that parroted many common misperceptions about paper without researching the truth or even attempting a balanced perspective.

Well, Kathi Rowzie, the president of Two Sides North America, decided not to let that paper-thin presentation stand unchallenged. She posted her own fact-based article as a response to the editors of Popular Science.

Update: Putting the Science Back into Popular Science

Here’s the good news. Once provided with the facts they should have found for themselves, Popular Science had the integrity to publish a more reasonable discussion of the sustainability of paper.

While the new article still has some issues (relying heavily on established critics of the paper industry) it does clarify that the paper used in packaging and printed pieces comes from very sustainable, managed forests that are constantly replanted.

The magazine’s readers now know that the drama of decimated “old-growth” forests is deceptive, and simply does not apply to today’s printing industry. Trees and paper form one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable relationships you will find. It’s in the best interests of our own industry – so it’s silly to believe (or claim) otherwise.

It Matters…on Paper, and on Your Bottom Line

I think this is more than just an interesting story.

I think it involves YOU and your business.

First of all, I’ll wager that paper is important to your business. And that is likely true no matter how much you have integrated “digital” into your dealings. In many areas, paper is far superior to electronic communications, but I’ll recap those again on another day.

But this incident with Popular Science makes another strong point. If you don’t speak up for your business or industry, who will?

Social media is a wonderful thing and serves many terrific purposes. But it has a downside: all it takes to become a “journalist” or “author” is to own a computer and know how to type. And too many people are conditioned to believe whatever they read, regardless of the lack of research or credibility behind it.

So it pays to be aware of things that are being published in all channels.

When you see something inaccurate, don’t let it stand. Provide a clear, well-supported response in whatever forum is necessary that exposes the inaccuracy and presents the actual facts. You will not only minimize the damage but establish yourself and your company as trustworthy industry resources.

What Can Smart, Sustainable Print Do for You?

Today, business owners are wisely not only using paper but using it more intelligently than ever. Print accomplishes business goals in ways no electronic alternative can. For just a few examples:

  • Receipts and invoices that many customers still prefer in printed form
  • Materials that equip the sales force for effective and successful customer visits
  • Marketing vehicles that present products and services in a beautiful, “hold-them-in-your-hand” form that makes a real impression on prospects.
  • Versatile “print-on-demand” capabilities that eliminate the costs and storage of excess inventory, and permit customizing the marketing vehicles above for maximum impact

The most advanced and business-building way to take advantage of print’s possibilities is through a trusted print management partner. And none is more worthy of your trust than Superior. We’ve been helping businesses like yours for nearly 100 years.

For a great example, check out this print management case study. Rentokil was fairly sophisticated to being with, and we were still able to make a huge difference.

We’d love to see what a difference we can make for you!

Use Print Proudly and Profitably

Don’t fall for false perceptions about print. Trust our ISO certification that compels us to use consistent, high-quality processes in serving our customers.

And trust the favorable reviews those customers have given us, allowing us to earn Best of Print and Digital awards for five consecutive years.

Two points to take away from today’s post. The first is that speaking up to defend your business or industry from false perceptions can get results.

The second is that you can get better business results from choosing Superior as your print management partner. Reach out to us or one of our award-winning sales reps through the contact information you’ll find at the top of this page.

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