Popular Knit Caps Warm Up Your Promo Efforts

Custom knit caps are terrific promotional gifts because recipients love them. These promotional knit caps and accessories are best sellers because they look great. And they are more than stylish and attractive, they’re functional. They come in very handy for the unpredictable weather across the country. (And, of course, the VERY predictable weather that most of us must deal with for far too many months.)

Want another big plus for these promotional gifts? All ages – both men and women – like and use them. Your customers and prospects will wear them regularly, so others see your logo everywhere and often.

As you can see, they come in many different styles and price points. So whether you are looking for an appropriate holiday promotional gift,  a “thank you” leave-behind, or a trade-show giveaway to promising prospects, these promotional knit caps and accessories have you (and them) covered.


We’ve Got YOU Covered for Promotional Marketing Needs

I’m featuring these knit caps today because they are best sellers. When you work with us, we will make sure you know about new promotional items as they become available, and which ones are becoming “hot” across the industry.

But we offer another advantage that’s even more important. Superior can help you develop a strategic promotional marketing plan that features popular items that are uniquely appropriate for your brand. We’ll consider your industry, your prime target audiences, your budget, and other factors.

best-promotional-knit-capsprices subject to change

A Close-Knit Team

When you partner with us, you get your own team of inside and outside sales reps that will work with you. You gain a valuable two-way relationship.

“My team goes above and beyond for me and my company.”

– M. Courtney

We reach out to keep you informed of new products and opportunities. But we also work hard to understand your business and your marketing objectives; that allows us to use our experience and resources to help you even more effectively.

We can even help you set up your own “online company store for employees” that allows employees or selected individuals to order from a menu of pre-approved items like custom knit hats, custom jackets and outerwear, and other custom corporate apparel, all chosen to build and strengthen your brand. That protects your image, controls your costs, and saves time in the workday.

Putting a Cap on It

It’s pretty clear I think these best-selling knit caps are perfect for many promotional marketing situations. But I’m even more interested in working with you on all the print and promotional marketing projects that will help your business the most. Because that’s what we do. We’ve been helping businesses work more efficiently for nearly 95 years.

“Suppliers like Superior who will bend over backwards to meet the needs of their customers are rare and extremely valuable. I can’t say enough about how well they have worked for my company for over a decade!”

– B. Hobbs

We earned a third consecutive Best of Print and Digital award based on positive feedback from our customers. And our ISO certification provides a road map to success that we follow to best serve every client’s individual needs and meet their goals.

To find out more about these promotional caps, or to start a relationship that will have your entire business looking up, contact Superior today. Or reach out to one of our exceptional sales reps to put our expertise to work right away.

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