The Right Answers Provide the Right Custom Labels

If you’re in business, you know labels are important, and that they are critical to your company’s daily functions. But you just might take them for granted and think of them as simply a “commodity.” That could be costly in two ways. It could cause:

  • Getting a suitable label, but paying too much for it.
  • Getting the wrong label and paying for that even more severely

Factor Out the Fear

Designed properly, custom labels keep your products looking great, and your business moving. But that “designed properly” part is more than just a cute graphic or (for logistic operations) getting the numbers or bar code right.

There are six questions you need to ask to ensure that your custom labels will perform the way you need them to. Let’s look at those questions now.

6 Questions To Answer for The Best Custom Labels for Your Needs

  1. What will the size and quantity be?

    This, of course, will determine your costs in terms of “quantity discounts” and printing efficiency. The method of printing and the machinery involved can differ greatly based on the size of the label and the quantity desired.

  2. What is the paper stock and ink color?

    These factors, too, will help determine the most appropriate printing process and the projected costs. Certain stocks require specific printing equipment, and some ink colors require special handling.

  3. What will the label be applied to?

    The surface to which a label will be applied to can impact many other aspects of the printing job. Labels might be applied to wooden crates, metal components, cardboard cases, glass containers and many other materials.

    Each might require a different paper stock for the label itself. And the adhesives required would be quite different in almost all those cases. Poor label adhesion is a common but avoidable problem.

    It is critical to ensure that your labels stick.

  4. What will the label be exposed to?

    This might be the biggest “wild card” of all.

    Is the label likely to encounter water, solvents or dust? What about temperature extremes due to weather or heating/refrigeration requirements?

    What about potential rough handling? Some labels will be protected inside a case until display. Others will need to survive on the outside of a shipping container subject to repeated loading and unloading and multiple means of transport.

    These factors directly affect the type of label being used.

  5. Will the label be applied by hand or machine?

    For machine labeling, core size and roll quantity and direction must be determined, as well as whether label rolls will be inside or outside wound.

    Labels to be applied by hand are chosen for ease of application and accurate positioning.

  6. Is custom finishing or packaging required?

    It is also necessary to know the expected end processing and distribution of the labels. Do they need to be shrink-wrapped? Will they be drop-shipped to the end users?

    Based on usage patterns, different case quantities may be required. That impacts shipping and handling charges.

Custom Labels for Critical Information and Creative Expression

Some labels face increased performance scrutiny. In agriculture, the produce traceability initiative (PTI) imposes stringent demands on the entire supply chain. PTI labels provide quick and easy tracking of shipments from farm to store in case of contamination or defects.

In healthcare, tamper-evident labels help ensure secure medicine handling and sanitation.

Labels on automotive components must endure high engine heat and grime and continue to display critical information for the life of the vehicle.

For consumer products we can offer an incredible variety of attractive stock labels and a literally unlimited ability to create a premium custom label that delivers an engaging and memorable look for your brand. Virtually any shape is possible, as are foil imprints and embossed designs.

NO Question About a Trusted Label Provider

For nearly 100 years, Superior has worked with businesses to add efficiency to every part of their operation. That certainly includes labels. Our custom label pros are happy to provide solutions to any label problems you are experiencing, or design one to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

For labels, or anything else you need printed, you have no better resource than Superior.

Recently named Best of Print and Digital for the fifth consecutive year. And our ISO certification is unusual in our industry, but a critical factor in our exceptional customer service.

Contact award-winning Superior sales team from the link at the top of this page or reach out to Superior directly with our Contact Us page to ask for help in creating the perfect custom labels for your organization.

Both your products and your bottom line will look a lot better.

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