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Food and beverage marketers often wonder about the best place to place their advertising. But statistics show the answer is “on their products.” According to, 76 percent of shoppers make their purchase decisions in the store.

That means your product label is your last and best chance to encourage them to buy your brand instead of a competitor’s offering.

So today I need to remind you of the importance of creating the right custom food product labels to grab shoppers’ attention—so they’ll grab your product.

“Grocery shoppers are making an increasingly large number of their purchase decisions in-store.”  –

The Recipe for Label Success

Okay, it’s obvious you need to make your product stand out. But how, exactly, do you DO that? A label is a label, right?

Wrong. A label doesn’t merely identify your product—it helps sell it. That’s one of the many things we’ve learned during our nearly 100 years of helping businesses operate more effectively.

As a result, we offer an incredible variety of custom label options that take advantage of many variables, like:

  • size
  • shape
  • color
  • graphics
  • material
  • finish

We can skillfully blend those factors to help you come up with a truly unique and engaging presentation for your product. And that’s on top of the many useful label formats we offer.

Seven Label Ideas That Make Your Product Pop

  1. AnyShape® Labels

    A square shape might not give your product a fair shake. Our AnyShape labels allow for complete creative freedom requiring no die cuts.

    Use a design that suggests your product category, your brand name, or some other distinctive shape that attracts attention because it differs from the surrounding brands.

  2. Process Color Labels

    Give your products the aura of quality and “specialness” that vibrant color adds. And the option is available for small minimum quantities—as low as 100.

    Lamination provided at no additional charge. Process color labels are available in sizes up to 12˝ x 38˝—so almost any product can take advantage.

  3. A Cool Option: Weatherproof Labels

    Have a product that will spend its time in a cooler at a warehouse or store and then a refrigerator? Will it hold cold liquids for an extended period? What about extended exposure to the sun?

    Our weatherproof labels are designed to “weather” the conditions and retain their great looks.

    Printed on vinyl, polypropylene, or polyester stocks, these labels will last. And they are laminated at no charge.

  4. Tamper-evident Labels

    Protect your product and your customers from tampering (or malicious vandalism). Checkered and Void labels leave a clearly visible tamper mark on the surface. Destructible labels shred upon removal, leaving clear evidence of misuse.

    These labels also provide an excellent symbol of “sealing the freshness in”, giving those shoppers a final reassurance in choosing your brand over competitors nearby.

  5. Foil Imprint Labels

    For sheer elegance, there aren’t many options that top foil. Choose white gloss or silver or gold foil in either dull or shiny finish.

    Many foil imprint colors also available.

    There is little question where shoppers will focus their attention when your product carries graphics with a reflective foil imprint. My guess is they will “take a shine to it.”

  6. Embossed Labels

    Embossed labels literally add another dimension to your product label.

    The quality look that embossing adds makes your product feel more “artisan”—the craftsmanship displayed on the label suggests equally impressive standards for the product inside.

    Embossed labels beg for shoppers to pick up your product to feel its unique texture. And once in their hands, it’s a much shorter distance to their shopping carts.

  7. Beyond the Label

    Okay, this one’s not really about labels, but I think it’s worth adding here.

    All the above labels are available in convenient roll form, designed for easy product application. But I also want to mention a couple of great ways to extend your branding beyond the in-store experience.

    Custom-printed packing tape adds your logo and branding to the outside of the packaging for shipping, so customers don’t have to wait to open the box to see your name and messaging. Great for logos, branding, even simple messaging.

    Magnets accomplish the same thing but add longevity as they are displayed for extended weeks and months on desktops, refrigerators, file cabinets, and more. Talk about making your branding stick!

Choose a Partner Labeled “the Best”

You won’t find a more effective partner for labeling decisions than Superior.

We offer lower minimums, fewer extra die and set-up charges, and affordable pricing. And we are happy to provide samples for your examination.

By working with Superior you also get extra peace of mind. We’ve just earned our fifth consecutive Best of Print and Digital award, based on customer reviews.

We also proudly carry ISO certification. That is an extra source of comfort in dealing with something as important as the consistent image your product conveys to customers.

Get Moving, to Get Your Product Moving

Contact your five-time, award-winning Superior sales rep or reach out to Superior directly and ask for the help you need creating the perfect custom labels for your organization.

The better your product looks, the more looks it will get from potential customers.

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