Craft Beer Makers, These Hops Labels Are For You!

Craft Beer Makers, These Hops Labels Show Your Customers What You’re Made Of!

It’s hard to go through a day without news in the craft brewer space; a new local microbrewery or brewpub has emerged, or an existing brewery has introduced a new beer. According to the Brewers’ Association, which describes itself as “A Passionate Voice for Craft Brewers” there are more than 4,000 craft brewers in the United States. And that’s as of 2015 – the numbers are growing each and every month.

That’s exciting news for craft beer fans, and it has led to wonderful variety in the beer offerings available. But as in any market, the craft brewer seeking success must find ways to stand out in that sea of suds. Thanks to our partners at Abbott Label, craft brewers have a unique new way to help their products earn special attention.

What’s In A Label?

What can a label do for your craft beer? In this case, plenty. Abbott Labels has come up with a way to make your craft brew products ‘hop” off the shelf. They’ve created a new pressure-sensitive label made from Hops Paper which is a material embedded with actual hops cones. You can see the real hops cones in the face sheet; they deliver a unique look that the growing legion of craft beer lovers will love at first sight. Craft Beer Makers, These Hops Labels Are For You!

In addition to its obvious charm and appeal for beer lovers Hops Paper is made with 30% post-consumer waste content. Microbrewers tend to be independent thinkers who believe in and adopt sustainable business practices, and a great many of their customers will appreciate this eco-friendly fact.

Cheers to Helping Your Craft Brew Products Earn Them!

If you are in an industry related to craft breweries and would like to see a sample of a label made from Hops Paper, just get in touch with me or one of our sales reps and we’ll see that you get one.

Whatever your business, Superior Business Solutions offers you access to a wide range of label technologies that will present a fresh, unique face to your customers and give your brand a boost. We can also tap into extensive expertise in labels that work behind the scenes to improve warehousing, distribution and other logistic and supply chain processes. There can be more to a label than meets the eye. Let’s talk about how we can make your labels work harder for you!

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