Put Your Success in Your Customers’ Hands

Last week, I shared thoughts on the importance of promotional marketing even when your business is doing well. I suspect a certain number of you saw that headline and moved on, thinking “that’s not us, unfortunately.” Well, this one is for you. And it could play a role in turning things around.

If your business is struggling a bit (or simply treading water, having trouble generating growth), promotional marketing can be the perfect way to “prime the pump.” It’s fairly obvious that not much will change until you get your name out in front of key audiences and make a good impression with them. Research shows that promotional products do that better than any other form of advertising, and at a far lower cost.

The Stats Say So

The American Specialty Institute (ASI) has released the results of its 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study. Its methodology called for asking thousands of consumers—the people your business needs to reach—about various topics related to advertising and the impact it has on them.

Far from being the “trinkets” that the uninformed sometimes call them, promotional products establish a strong and important connection. They matter to employees, customers, and prospective customers. In other words, all the people that are critical to boosting a business that needs re-energizing.

What Your Customers Think

Survey results clearly indicate that promotional items affect opinions about your business. That can mean putting you on the radar in the first place or elevating you beyond competitors in consumers’ minds. Check out these findings from the survey:

  • When asked to rank different types of advertising, consumers said that they regarded promotional products more highly than newspaper, radio, magazine, television, or any other form. And that’s true of every age group under 55.
  • Consumers are, in fact, nearly 2½ times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to online advertising. Online gets a lot of attention from “experts” these days, but promotional items generate positive vibes with the people who matter most.

A Great Business Decision

You feel the need to do something. So you might consider boosting costly advertising or attempting some more dramatic tactic. But promotional items are the most cost-effective, value-generating tools you can use to connect more deeply with more customers. Again, from the survey:

  • The Cost-Per-Impression (CPI) of promotional products can be as low as 1/10 of a cent. An inexpensive item bearing your logo can be seen again and again—for more than a year, on average. Promotional items make the best use of the ad dollars you do spend.
  • Even if original recipients don’t use them, your promotional products keep working; 21 percent of those consumers keep them anyway, and 55 percent pass them on to others. They deliver more impressions against a new group of potential customers, again for a year or more. Compare that to how long the effects of a TV commercial last. If you’d seen one before you started reading this, you’d likely have forgotten it by now.

To Turn Things Around, Turn to Us

We’ve been around for nearly 100 years now. And we’ve seen countless client’s experience businesses growth with help from Superior. Our customers have chosen us for two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards (and stay tuned for news of a three-peat). That success comes, in part, from our ISO 9001:2015 certification, which holds us to extremely high standards. It’s why our procedures work.

Contact Superior today for a promotional marketing audit. We’ll help you use promotional products to make an impression on your customers, and an improvement in your business.

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