Working from Home…For Good? Your Team Needs These!

During this pandemic, “working from home” has been a big topic. We’ve all seen the funny (if you’re not in them) videos featuring employees in pajama bottoms, surprise cameos by kids, “photobombs” by pets, and more. It was a novelty and challenging but in many ways liberating for employees and companies alike.

As the pandemic winds down, there is increasing evidence that working from home is here to stay. Employees prefer it, at least for a part of their workweek, and employers have seen benefits in productivity and employee morale as a result.

“62% of employees now expect their employers will allow them to work remotely moving forward. ” –   Research by Intuitions (a global knowledge solutions provider)

Professionalism Is Right at Home

But moving forward, most companies (and their employees) will want those team and client meetings on Zoom to look and feel more professional. Your corporate branding and reputation will be better-served with home environments that look more like true extensions of your office rather than “emergency accommodations.”

Today, I have a solution that will go a long way toward making that happen.

Three solutions, actually.

They are graphic panels or “backgrounds” that add a finished, corporate look to home-office settings. They will communicate your branding during any video conversation or meeting, and make your employees feel more a part of your team.

Let’s look at three great options:

  1. FrameWorx Banner

An economical way to equip your remote employees with a solid company presence behind them. Permanent, single-sided vinyl banner carries a strong graphic presence. The frame is 54.75” W x 90.25” H and holds a 40.5” x 81.25” 4-color image. Kit includes black hardware, banner, and soft carrying case.

  1. Economy Retractor

Versatile and transportable, this device allows employees to pull up the banner easily and display it wherever it looks best “on camera.” The retractor measures 48” W x 83.5” H and holds a 47.25” x 78.5” graphic. Kit includes hardware, the installed banner, and a soft carrying case.

  1. EuroFit Straight Wall

Makes a strong corporate statement, 5 feet wide and 6 feet high! An excellent background for video meetings to give your corporate identity a striking visual presentation. The EuroFit design stretches the tension graphic fabric cover over a tubular frame. Kit includes hardware, graphic cover, EuroFit frame connectors, and soft carrying case.

Make Your Employees Ambassadors

With these background displays, your remote employees will feel a stronger part of your organization and carry themselves with maximum professionalism during those Zoom meetings. But you can boost their spirits and their connections even more!

Why not offer your employees corporate apparel to further enhance the image they present of your company? The pride they feel in representing your company will come through in the way they interact with your clients, your partners, and their fellow associates.

Take the opportunity to keep your business top-of-mind on that next ZOOM call and dress your employees in your brand.

A Company Store Makes It Even Easier

As working from home becomes the “new normal” you can normalize the way those remote employees get that apparel and other things they need to work efficiently from home. You can create a company store for employees and allow employees to order the materials they need and want through an online portal…and have those items shipped directly to them.

We’ve Got Experience Making Companies Look Good

For nearly 100 years, we’ve “had the back” of countless businesses, helping to make them more efficient…and more profitable. We have earned and continue to maintain ISO certification. That’s rare in our industry and helps us deliver a level of customer service that is equally rare.

And that customer service pays dividends. We’ve just earned our fifth consecutive Best of Print and Digital award, based totally on reviews from our customers.

Contact Us, and ZOOM – You’re in Business

Maximize the impact of your work-from-home employees, and help them make a bigger and better impression with clients and co-workers.

Ask about these displays that will make your remote employees look terrific. After all, we’ve been doing the same thing for businesses like yours for nearly a century now.

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