Is Your Promotional Marketing Hiding Behind Name Brands and Just Plain Hiding YOURS?

Today, I’m posting another installment in a series on the valuable promotional marketing programs your business might be missing. And this one starts with a pretty tough question for you. Here it goes:

Are you ashamed of your business?

Okay, stop sputtering and drop the mic! I know the answer is a resounding “no”–but I’m asking for a reason. You’ll understand in a moment. In Tuesday’s post, I talked about how promotional marketing can play a huge role in keeping customers loyal to your company.

Customers and Employees Believe in Your Brand

But some businesses, even if they understand that, can shy away from promotional products when it comes time to send a holiday gift or special “thank you” to a key client or customer. Ditto when it’s time to reward a high-performing employee. Somehow they think it is more “sophisticated” to order a special item with no connection to your brand.

That’s really a shame. Promotional products that are specially chosen for the occasion, and carry your brand identification discretely, are the ideal corporate gifts.

Three Reasons Promotional Items Make Perfect Sense as Corporate and Executive Gifts

I can think of many, but here are three of the most important.

  1. Customers Are Invested in Your Business, Too

Think about the people you are honoring. Perhaps they are long-standing clients who have used your products or services for many years. The quality of your company (as verified by their continued patronage) demonstrates their ability to pick a reliable and top-notch provider. They can even be proud of the relationship within their own companies.

An appropriate, higher-tier promotional item with your logo tastefully in place says to the recipient “you are an important part of our company’s success and we appreciate that.” Far from being too commercial, your branding celebrates the bond that brought you together. And every time he or she sees it, they will think fondly of you.

  1. Employees Are Committed to Your Company

You celebrate employees as they retire or mark other milestones. You may want to reward them for exceptional performance or results over a given time period. And you acknowledge, at holidays and other times, the critical role your executives play in making the business successful.

In all of these cases, these people have demonstrated a devotion to your business that goes beyond merely a job. Their actions or years of service have shown that it is a big part of their lives. They will display your brand proudly. In fact, a gift that does not carry your logo might seem incomplete or even insulting.

  1. Unique and Excellent Promotional Products Are Available

If you think of promotional marketing products as unimpressive, “commodity” gifts, your thinking is outdated. The fact is, if you can buy it in a high-end store, chances are you can get it as a promotional marketing product. Need examples? You can imprint your logo or other message on bottles of champagne (a known and respected brand). Or you can put your identity on sports apparel from the most sought-after manufacturers. I can offer many equally intriguing examples. (Just call.)

Unique, classic, high-quality gifts will really grab the attention of those who receive it. But know what’s even better? That attention shifting gracefully to your brand or logo on that item. Their appreciation will only help strengthen your relationship.

Need Corporate or Executive Gift Ideas? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

Superior Business Solutions offers exceptional expertise in promotional products. We’ve seen plenty in our nearly 100 years of helping businesses work more efficiently.

Our ISO certification ensures that our procedures are consistently smart and productive for our customers. Speaking of our customers, we’ve earned a second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award recently based on their reviews of our performance.

The year-end holidays are approaching. We can help you make gift choices that your customers or employees will receive warmly but accomplish plenty for your brand at the same time. Contact Superior today for a promotional product audit.

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