9 of The Newest Promotional Items You Need for Summer Marketing

Summer means activity. And your company can be a part of it with the smart use of promotional items carrying your brand identity. There are plenty of handy items people carry when they’re on the go. And that means the item is seen by even more people when your customers and prospects display it.

Is that important? Very. A survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute shows that nearly 80% of consumers have sought more information about a brand after receiving a promotional product. And it might surprise you that the number rises to 87% for those “distracted” millennials.

Choose the Right Product and the Right Provider

If you want summer activity to lead to sales activity, you’ve got to do a few things right. Like choosing the right promotional items. (We can help with that, and I’ll be showing you a few in a moment.) But you should also make sure it’s part of a well-planned promotional management strategy. We can streamline that for you and save you time and money along the way.

Many companies have many departments and facilities with similar promotional product needs. If that’s you, we can even help you set up an online company store where you can pre-select strategically chosen items. Then designated people across your enterprise can order and distribute them as needed. You control the price and the access to deliver the best results.

Be Choosy! In Promotional Items, “Summer” Better Than Others.

Let’s look at a few promotional items for summer marketing. Once we talk to you, we can suggest even more. But here’s a start:

  1. The Marvinstone Reusable Straw

The Marvinstone Reusable StrawVery topical and eco-friendly. This compact collapsible straw is FDA approved. It can carry your full-color imprint so when your prospects are enjoying a refreshment, they are inviting you to the party. As low as $3.30 each.

  1. Handy Utility Card

Handy Utility CardWhat IS it? Lots of things:

  • ruler
  • box cutter
  • can/bottle opener
  • screwdriver
  • nut wrench
  • more

It attaches to a key chain. But there’s no high price attached. Add your logo and get them for as low as $2.85 each.

  1. The Swiss Opener

The Swiss OpenerDon’t toss it in the toolbox. It IS a toolbox! Multi-tool acts as a:

  • knife
  • carabiner
  • tape measure
  • nail remover
  • 3 screwdrivers
  • 8 wrench sizes
  • can/bottle opener

Little tasks always pop up during summer travels. Your prospects will be happy to have one of these. And you can provide them, with your imprint, for as low as $3.50 each.

  1. The Bright Breaker

The Bright BreakerIt’s an ultra-bright LED trouble light and more. It’s a glass-breaker and seat-belt cutter for extra peace-of-mind in case of an emergency. It’s made of heavy-duty metal, with a magnet to help retrieve small items.  Get it with your full-color imprint for as low as $6.43.

  1. The Blinder Lantern

The Blinder LanternSummer can find you out after dark, camping or exploring unfamiliar territory This ultra-bright LED lantern sheds loads of light so you can see what you’re doing (and do it right). Includes batteries and your full-color imprint for as low as $7.58 each.

  1. The Steelwood Bottle Opener

The Steelwood Bottle OpenerEating and drinking with friends is one of the most beloved images of summer. This unique and attractive bottle opener spruces up any gathering. The opener itself is steel, but long, sturdy handle brings the sophistication and feel of smooth wood. Add your logo and get them for as low as $2.25 each.

  1. The Time Cube

The Time CubeIt’s about time….you had a fun little timer that’s perfect for summer and anytime. Choose the interval you want – 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds – and the timer starts; an alarm will let you know it’s finished. Great in the kitchen or for those fun family game nights. And YOUR timing is perfect: right now, you can get them for your prospects, with imprint, for as little as $18.98 each.

  1. World Travel Adaptor

World Travel AdaptorA perfect choice for top prospects, especially global business travelers. This slim-line adaptor works in more than 180 countries, getting power to your electronics wherever you go. It features four USB ports and a C connector port. A nice gift to present to special customers and prospects with your tasteful logo. As low as $27.37

  1. Cooling Towel

Customized Promotional Cooling TowelI can’t imagine a premium item more welcome after running, tennis, golf or another summer activity. Run this unique towel under water to unlock its soothing, cooling moisture, bringing your temperature down 15 degrees. The huge imprint area means your branding will be “up close and personal” with your prospects, And you can get them as low as $2.42 each.

Sales Are Always in Season

We know promotional items, and can help not only with choosing them, but using them to effectively increase sales. We’ve been helping businesses do that for nearly 100 years. You can trust our processes since they meet stringent ISO standards. And our three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards show that our customers value our help.

Don’t let summer simmer without you. Contact Superior today to order any of these custom products and to ask for a free promotional item audit. There’s nothing under the sun we can’t do to help make your business run more efficiently.

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