Customized Drones Are Ready to Give Your Business a Lift

At first, I was tempted to fill today’s post with a lot of drone-related wordplay like the headlines (sorry for those). But I won’t. Because I want you to take the idea of using customized drones for business very seriously. As a means of marketing your brand and company, it’s no longer a new or “emerging” ideal. It’s here, and smart companies are already using drones—also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)—to great advantage.

Today I’m going to provide a handful of examples of how companies are using drones effectively to improve their business efficiency and deliver exceptional customer service. One or more of these examples might be applicable to your business, or trigger ideas of your own. But the best one, in my opinion, certainly is relevant to your company. So read through to the end!

A Note to Future Drone Pilots

Before I start, I do want to point out that it’s not quite as simple as buying a drone and launching it. There are things you need to know before you fly a drone for commercial purposes.

There are requirements that apply to the pilot (who must meet age, training and TSA clearance standards) and to the drone itself (weight limits and flight worthiness). Certain operating rules must also be followed. It’s not as challenging as it sounds, but you do need to follow the steps.

Worth noting: according to this article from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), those restrictions are likely to be relaxed in coming years as demand increases and drones become a common presence in our neighborhoods.

Exciting Ways Drones Are Being Used TODAY

We’ve all seen “futuristic” applications of drones This isn’t designed to be a complete list, but I think it provides an interesting variety of uses.

  1. Security

Maybe this one is obvious. But any company or organization with a large property to secure can use drones to help provide protection and secure the premises. Think college campuses or companies with a large physical footprint, even malls and large parking lots.

Drones can save time and manpower, “patrolling” a perimeter quicker and more frequently than a person on foot or in a vehicle. The added protection for shoppers, employees, and property is an important benefit.

  1. Aerial Photography

This used to be a cost-prohibitive luxury, affordable only for golf courses and tourist destinations for marketing purposes. Commercial drones can make it far easier to obtain beautiful pictures and video of weddings or any other “personal” special event.

But drones are a great asset for many corporate uses. They are instrumental in acquiring breathtaking photography and video of corporate facilities, company meetings, industry conferences and much more. Think of the recruiting value for a university or large employer in presenting an attractive view for potential students or employees.

  1. Real Estate

You’ve heard that “location, location, location” mantra for buying commercial and residential property. Drones can offer potential buyers a much more thorough look at that “location.” Agents can put together an attractive video “tour” of a property that helps sell it before and between the traditional “open house” events. The drone can provide an overhead view of the entire neighborhood.

  1. Inspections

Drones make many types of inspection not only easier and more accurate. Home inspectors working with those real estate agents above can get a better look at roofing, chimneys and landscaping details with physically dangerous climbing or time-consuming walks.

But other, even more critical inspections also benefit, from normal maintenance to safety-related wear and structural stability checks. Drones provide the ability to get “up close and personal” with cracks, leaks and other surface defects on bridges, skyscrapers and other structures where access can be challenging.

  1. Agriculture

Drones provide an obvious benefit to farmers. They enable a broad, real-time look at remote fields and a more holistic assessment of irrigation and harvest schedules.

By tracking via overhead views from drones, farmers can monitor the performance of different crops in different conditions. This information will help them determine optimum timing for the application of nutrients, pesticides and more.

  1. Deliveries

Several large online retailers are already planning for the use of drones to deliver products to homes and businesses. So delivery trucks may soon be replaced with airborne “delivery-bots.”

Online shopping is increasing heavily, even in the area of groceries and produce. It seems only a matter of time before drone delivery is an accepted practice, even for pizza from your local parlor. (Hmmm… how do you tip a drone?)

One Perfect Way to Use Drones in YOUR Business

That’s six examples. But I promised you seven, and I’ve saved the best for last. And it’s one YOU can use, starting right now (even without any license or training). So here comes #7:

Drones make excellent executive promotional gifts!

Drones carry a very contemporary image and attract a great deal of interest. Wouldn’t you like your company to have that image and capture that attention? You can… by choosing a customized drone as a special corporate gift for key clients and prospects.

Whether it commemorates a holiday, an anniversary, a special achievement or the completion of a major project or collaboration. The recipient gets all the fun of deciding how to use it. You get his or her undying gratitude, and the ongoing visibility of your corporate logo and branding on the drone for as long as it is used.

A Wide Variety of Drones to Consider

There is a nearly unlimited selection of drones available through Superior. Many price levels are represented, for an equally wide range of intended uses. All allow you to place your logo prominently upon them. Here are some examples. (For more information, click on each title.)

Folding Drone with Camera

Tumbler Drone

Pocket Drone w/Camera

Selfie Drone

Gyro Mini Drone

GPS Drone with Camera

Let’s Do Launch!

Are you ready to learn more about how customized drones can play a role in building business for you? It’s just another way we can help make your business more efficient. We’ve been doing that for businesses for nearly 100 years now.

You can expect results. Our ISO certification ensures that you will get our best efforts And three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based on our customer feedback are another indication those efforts pay off.

Contact one of our award-winning sales reps today. They can help you with drones, but they have a very down-to-earth way of helping your business succeed.

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