Your Healthy Business Depends on Healthy Employees

For nearly 100 years, we’ve provided the products and technologies to help businesses function more efficiently. Recently, that has meant giving you access to the PPE your employees need to fight coronavirus. Today, let’s focus on something that, while easy to overlook, might be just as critical to your business returning successfully from the COVID-19 shut-down.

As businesses reopen, there are numerous guidelines and restrictions that must be adhered to in order to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus and avoid another shutdown. And central among all those guidelines is the need for employees (and customers, for that matter) to wash hands thoroughly and frequently.

Reminder Signs Point to Success

Signs are, of course, reminders for employees. But they are also an indication that the business (whether it’s a company, manufacturing facility, warehouse, or retail environment) takes the issue seriously, and expects compliance with handwashing protocols.

Signage can be placed throughout your facilities in multiple strategic locations. Messages aimed at employees also serve to reassure visitors (and customers, if applicable) that their health and safety is a priority, and that workers are doing their part to protect it.

7 Signs to Encourage Employee Hand-washing and Wellness      How to Educate Your Employees on Staying Healthy

  1. 3’ EuroFit Banner Display

Big and bold to grab attention. Contemporary rounded-edge design. Includes all hardware, graphic cover and a soft carry case.   As low as $281/each based on quantity purchased.

  1. Rectangular Tube Sign

Double-sided to reach more employees in more places. Sturdy tubular metal frame.  Includes all hardware. As low as $149/each based on quantity purchased.

  1. Mini X Banner

Versatile and inexpensive – display it anywhere (and move it easily). Includes hardware, banner, and drawstring pouch. As low as $26.30/each depending upon the quantity ordered.

  1. Micro Teardrop Sail Sign

Catches the breeze to capture attention. Clearly identifies washing station locations or other messaging. Includes hardware, sign, and carry pouch. As low as $38.20/each depending upon the quantity ordered.

  1. Small Mini Promo Retractor

Easy to carry and deploy wherever necessary. The self-contained unit includes hardware and banner. Just pop it open. As low as $41/each depending upon quantity purchased.

  1. 5” Economy Retractor

Help employees recognize symptoms. Large image in an economical pop-up package. Includes hardware, preinstalled banner, and soft carry case.

  1. Floor Décor

There’s no getting around this round floor sign. Critical information that is always in view but never in the way. Place several around your facility.

Signs Point to Superior

Employee compliance has never been more important. The right signage will ensure that your employees are part of the solution, not the problem.

These signs are just the latest solution delivering value to our customers. That’s why their feedback has enabled us to earn Best of Print and Digital status for four consecutive years.  In a matter of this importance, our ISO certification provides extra assurance that we follow the right processes and protocols in serving you.

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep and ask for more information on these seven signage options to help keep your employees and your business healthy. Now that you are finally back in business, isn’t it worth a little planning to see that you stay that way?

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