Your Business Isn’t Back Till Customers Know It

The COVID-19 situation isn’t over. So our efforts to help you and your business get through it successfully are continuing, as well. We will continue to help you acquire the PPE items you need to battle coronavirus.

Today, I’d like to help you tackle the hidden damage your company can suffer from a coronavirus shutdown. I’m talking about “invisibility” – the risk that even when you reopen, your customers (and potential customers) won’t realize you are back in business and ready to serve them.

Custom Printed Signs to Combat Uncertainty and Hesitation

As we all well know, the past few months have been a great source of confusion, with some “essential” businesses remaining open, and others reopening in a seemingly random, hard-to-decode pattern. Who’s open now? What are the restrictions? Should I bother going there?

There’s little value to being reopened without customers. That means it is absolutely critical to leave no doubt that your operation is up and running. Help customers find you and take advantage of your products and services with confidence.


7 Great Ways to Catch Their Attention—and Business

Here are some of the excellent custom logo branded signage options we offer to stake your claim for customers as they begin to get out and around and look for places to spend their “pent up demand.”

  1. 10’ Streamline Rectangle Sail Sign
    Stands tall to help your business do the same. Choose ground spike or scissor base with water ballast. Includes soft carry case.
  2. Parking Pal
    Versatile and sturdy two-sided tool directs customers to the entrance, curbside pickup, or other important areas to access your services. Includes hardware and graphic decals.
  3. Signicade A-Frame
    Two signboards join to present information from both sides. Includes orange, yellow or white hardware and two hook-and-loop strips for assembly
  4. Signicade Deluxe A-Frame
    Adjust your message as you like for updates, new services…even words of wisdom! Two chalkboards join to be readable from both directions. Includes black or white hardware.
  5. 10.5’ Value Blade Sail Sign
    A stylish stand-out that will “wave” in customers. Contemporary design. Choose value spike or water ballast base. Includes hardware.
  6. Deluxe Mini Retractor
    Compact and versatile; move it wherever you need it that day. Includes hardware and retractable banner in a supporting frame.
  7. Custom Signage Designed for Your Business
    This last option is really a thousand different options because we can make whatever you want and need. Directions, hours, featured products and services, and, of course, your branding. And we can do it in whatever size and shape make the most sense for your business. This is where creativity can lead to profitability.

We’ve Got Your Back in Getting Back to Business

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Superior is the best option to restore your business to health after a COVID-19 shutdown. We have been helping businesses work efficiently in countless ways for nearly 100 years.

Our ISO certification requires us to apply and refine the most effective customer service practices. And we’ve earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, which are based on one thing: feedback from our customers.

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep and ask for more information on these seven signage options to let the public know you are back in business. Because for us, “business as usual” means helping your business succeed.

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