Secrets to Working (Your Way UP) from Home

It’s common during this pandemic for businesses and their workers to feel like they are “treading water.” Their goal seems to be to just get by until things get back to some version of normal and they return to the office. Well, forget that! You don’t need to put your career on hold and shrink into an anonymous little box during the occasional Zoom meeting. If you want to move up the corporate ladder and get that promotion while working from home, keeping your head down is not the way to do it! I saw an interesting item on this topic on Procurious recently. The article offered some good suggestions, and I’d like to add a few of my own. These ideas will help you command serious professional attention while others are still joking about meeting in pajama bottoms.

Here Are 7 Ways to Climb The Corporate Ladder and Stand Out for a Promotion While Working from Home

  1. Speak Up, Speak Out

This one stands to reason, but few really act on it.  When an online company meeting is on the schedule, small or large, don’t think ‘oh, no, not another one”. Embrace the opportunity to interact. Don’t disappear into the background group. But don’t be the “lampshade’ person – make sure you have something to say. Which leads to another suggestion:

  1. Be a Resource

Things are still happening in your industry; there is always news in the marketplace or among your competitors. It helps your company to know about it. Make it your business to read trade publications and talk to people so you can pass along important information. And while you’re at it — you can take advantage of another idea.

  1. Work Your Network

Better yet, expand it. Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and stay involved on that platform. But then pick up the phone and make a connection in real life. When you work from home, it’s easy to narrow your focus. You probably have few (or no) events to attend, lunches with friends, and so forth. Change that. Maintaining connections to influential folks inside and outside your company makes a difference. You will hear things that will help you do your job better. Or when the time comes, get a better one.

  1. Be the Idea Person

With the insights you gain from doing your “networking” research into the market and your competitors, you are in prime position to foresee opportunities and suggest new ideas to take advantage of them. This will make others look to you at every meeting. And in the drab atmosphere of the pandemic, a refreshing source of new thinking will be appreciated more than ever.

  1. Step Up

When a new project comes up at one of those Zoom meetings, or in a conversation with your boss, raise your hand. Offer to take on the task, or pick up some of the responsibility.

  1. Track Your Triumphs

It may seem a bit self-serving…well, okay, it is self-serving. But what’s wrong with that? You deserve credit for your performance and your other unique contributions during COVID 19. But it’s easy for those things to get lost without an office “base” to keep them front and center. Your records and notes will help you make a case for promotions and seize career opportunities inside and outside your company. And be sure to share them on your LinkedIn Profile.

  1. Bring Joy

This one sounds a little hokey. But the fact is that COVID-19, for obvious reasons, had increased stress and lowered the positivity quotient for many “working from home” companies. You have to be a little careful here, but don’t be afraid to “bring the virtual doughnuts.” That is, add some fun, tell a story, keep things human. It shows confidence, adaptability, and a leader-like approach to chaotic times.

Hey, Idea Person – Talk to Superior!

It’s an idea that is likely to pay big benefits for your company. We’ve been helping businesses run more efficiently for nearly 100 years. That’s why our clients have provided such positive reviews, we’ve earned Best of Print and Digital recognition for four straight years. We also carry ISO certification, which is rare in our industry. That’s a good idea for us and for our customers. It helps ensure that our processes and procedures deliver results. Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant and start by asking for help in finding the best promotional products for your business. Promotional gifts are a great way to make your “working from home” associates feel part of the company. Another great idea you’ll deserve credit for!

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