Give A Boost To Their Spirits and a Boon To Your Business with 1 of These 5 Welcome Back To Work Event Ideas!

It’s going to happen one day soon. You’ll walk into your office and wonder…who are all these people? Spoiler alert—they are your employees, who have finally returned to the office. And that’s cause for celebration because it’s a sign your business is ready to move ahead again.

And why not make it a real celebration, with a special event or two. We have some great ideas for both indoor and outdoor events, that will help you rebuild that team chemistry and thank your people (as well as your clients and partners) for helping your business get through it.

Superior also has an incredible selection of promotional items to help welcome employees back to the office. We specialize in promotional items for events, and can help you make your events truly memorable for everyone involved!

5 Welcome Back To Work Outdoor and Indoor Event Ideas

  1. The Back Together Bash

Thank your employees for persevering and continuing to be the stars of your company through all the challenges they’ve had to face. Take your event outside. Rent a movie screen and show a classic “getting the gang together again” movie like the Blues Brothers, Oceans 12, Space Cowboys—you get the idea!

Make it really special “movie night” with a sunset starting time. Employees will love it and remember it. And the camaraderie it generates will help them how good working together feels again.

  1. Back in the Game!

Welcome those employees back and get the spirit flowing with a “Back in the Game Night”. This works great inside at any time of day and makes a memorable event under the stars. Have games everywhere. Darts, miniature golf, basketball hoops, maybe bring in some carnival games.

Re-introduce employees one-at-a-time, NBA style, with dramatic music while an announcer sings their praises and commitment to the company. Have your CEO inspire everyone with a short “pep talk” of gratitude and rallying the troops with a “Game ON” close.

  1. Road Trip!

Your sales reps have been sitting uncomfortably at home, doing their best to sell from home. But how about a sales kick-off event the pumps them up to “hit the road, jacked” to get that sales engine humming again.

Hand out some cool car-related premium items to make their travels more comfortable and productive. Bring in a few classic cars for atmosphere, and have a band or DJ playing all the old “hot rod rock” songs by the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean.

  1. “We’re Back…Because You Had Ours

It’s an appreciation event for customers and partners who have always been there for you, including through pandemic shutdowns and other difficult times. Provide food and music at the event, and plenty of time to network and express gratitude.

And don’t forget meaningful promotional items that your key customers can take with them. An engraved desktop item with a meaningful message will strike the right chord.

  1. “Party Like All GET-OUT!”

Everybody’s been cooped up for too long. So why not hold a huge outdoor celebration and invite everyone else in your building, business park, or even your whole community? Maybe a clever invitation tells them to “GET OUT” – and stop by for food and fun.

The pandemic has been no picnic, so a real picnic would be a great way to celebrate as we being to get past it. Folks will appreciate gathering outside, and the messaging opportunity is perfect.

Superior Will Help You Carry OUT Your Plans

We’re ready to help you move things outside, too, with tents, branded banners, sail signs, and more to make your company more visible and your event more memorable. On Thursday, I’ll tell you about some fantastic sales going on right now that will certainly help you make it happen.

Events like these are also a great reason to think about promotional kitting. Kits make terrific “welcome back” gifts for employees. You can include a variety of items with special meaning to those in your company or industry.

Trust the Partner Who Has Always Had YOUR Back

We’ve provided plenty of businesses with critical support as they battled the effects of COVID-19. (We’ve even done it for state governments, with our ability to source critical medical equipment).

We continue to be one of the nation’s top providers of PPE and a proven large-scale supply partner of N95 respirators . 

You may get tired of me telling you about our ISO certification, and our five straight Best of Print and Digital awards. But they tell you a great deal about the products and services we provide, not to mention the unmatched customer service we provide.

Contact your five-time, award-winning Superior sales rep or reach out to Superior directly for help sourcing the perfect promotional gifts for your welcome back events.

Don’t forget to come back Thursday. I’ll continue this discussion by sharing some incredible sale pricing on many of the key items you’ll need for those welcome back events.

While you welcome your employees back to work, we’ll provide a welcome boost to the productivity of your business.

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