Custom Labels Add Value and Attract Attention

If you market a product, its packaging does a lot more than contain it. When your product sits on the shelf or other marketing display, that package is the last and the best chance you have to grab a potential customer’s interest. Not to mention dollars. Therefore, it’s more than worth the effort to present that product to its best advantage. And that means custom labels.

Certainly, a product label must contain information; it has to identify the product. But it also should help the product sell itself through visual appeal, information and many other factors you probably never thought about. That’s where I’d like to help today.

5 Ways Custom Labels Move People—and Move Product

American industry is broad and diverse. And depending upon your business, the word “product” might mean anything from fresh strawberries in the produce section of the market to a replacement blade for a commercial farm implement. But one fact is consistent across all industries: custom labels help products sell, and businesses profit. There are many ways custom labels do that, but let’s look at just a few:

  1. Custom Labels Make the Package “Pop.”

The supermarket shelf is like the train station at rush hour. Countless brands compete side by side, hoping to be the customer’s choice. While many of them use advertising and promotion to gain an advantage, here’s an interesting fact. One-third of all purchase decisions are made based upon the package. That means despite sophisticated marketing plans, many shopping dollars are still up for grabs based totally on package presentation.

What does that mean? To us, it means you need to make your package different from the competitors surrounding you. To do that, count on custom labels to present strong, crisp package graphics. You can even make your package feel different by using varnishes and laminates or use selective embossing to make words or sections of the label “stand out” in a literal way. Labels can even be made of unique materials, such as metal and wood, to create a dramatic difference. So go ahead, make that package pop—even if the product is, well, pop!

  1. Custom Labels Add News, Information and ‘Buy Now’ Urgency

Custom labels make product messaging loud, clear and complete. Sometimes a small product label can’t accommodate sufficient words to ensure compliance with government regulations or even to convey a unique product story or a promotional contest or opportunity.

Custom labels also include IRCs (Instant Redeemable Coupons Labels) that can be used to carry unique promotional offers and volume-purchase incentives. In addition, they are an excellent way to minimize losses by introducing special discounts as perishable products approach their expiration dates. Just ask Fresh Express how well it works.

  1. Custom Labels Move Products Through Distribution

Customer-facing labels are far from the only custom labels that play a role in successfully marketing your product. It might surprise you when you think about all the ways your own organization depends upon labels. Most modern logistics operations depend heavily upon labels to track products through manufacturing, distribution and final delivery.

This is required to maximize efficiency in almost any business. But it becomes even more critical in industries where product tracking and traceability are essential, such as agriculture and food processing.

  1. Custom Labels Protect Products and Product Image

Rough handling, stormy weather, and dank environments present challenges for custom labels. Properly designed custom labels can thrive under whatever conditions they will face in their travels through the supply chain. The right choice of moisture-resistant materials and proprietary adhesives help ensure they will remain securely on the package throughout the process, preventing loss, waste and other costly problems.

Food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging present unique demands because of temperature variance and FDA guidelines. But well-designed product packaging labels made from the right materials deliver the durability to keep the package looking great from production right through to its position on the shelf, in the freezer or wherever. Remember those store-shelf purchase decisions? Good looking products are just good business.

  1. Get Custom Labels Economically and Efficiently

Money is always top of mind when you run a business. If you go through large quantities of labels, you will save time and money working with a supplier who can deliver them at a reasonable price on a “just in time” basis. That means you get them only as you need them with minimal storage requirements.

At Superior Business Solutions, we have solid expertise in all the label types mentioned above. Better yet, we have an accomplished and tested vendor network ready to provide the labels needed at competitive prices.

What More Could Custom Labels Do for Your Business?

Superior Business Solutions is ranked in the top one-half of 1% in an industry of more than 22,000 competitors for customer satisfaction and loyalty. The 2017 Best of Print and Digital Award confirms the quantifiable difference when clients work with Superior. Contact me today or reach out to one of our award-winning sales reps for custom labels designed to sell your products.

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