How to Lower Custom Label and Tag CostsWarehouse labels, location tags, shipping and logistics labels, and many, many custom industry labels…once you really take a look at the labels and tags you need daily it can seem like a money vacuum after a while. It can feel like the process is trying to nickel and dime your business to death.

The good news is that we understand, and we want to make custom labels easier and less costly. And there are a number of effective ways to drive down the cost of custom labels and tags without sacrificing quality.

Commodity Management Solutions

Buying labels (custom, industry specific, whatever you need) doesn’t have to become an expensive commodity purchase. Our Commodity Management Solutions (CMS) offer businesses a tremendous opportunity to lower label and tags costs and vastly improve operational efficiencies—routinely streamlining and managing the entire process from ordering to inventory management to distribution.

Here’s how it works: Our CMS technology captures label and tag data to analyze procurement, utilization, consumption and other metrics for organizations of all sizes, from single-site operations to globally distributed enterprises. With our CMS analysis and Corporate Kiosk technologies that offer end-to-end, on-demand e-procurement and inventory management, we help you:

  • Eliminate redundancy and consolidate like items used enterprise-wide
  • Eliminate procurement cost differences between offices, plants and departments
  • Purchase items in large volumes to reduce Purchase Price Variance (PPV)
  • Streamline the procurement process
  • Reduce administrative costs through workflow automation
  • Efficiently manage inventory, warehousing items at Superior facilities for on-demand ordering, fulfillment and distribution
  • Control spend with on-demand inventory, procurement, and spend reporting

It’s a lot of solutions to lower custom label and tag costs in one package, and our sales reps are experts. At Superior Business Solutions, we offer a full line of products and services to manage all of your labels, tags and print that are required to support your facilities operations. If you have questions about custom labels or our commodity management process, feel free to contact us HERE or call us at 800.968.1416.

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