Will Your Brand Display Its Best?

When the pandemic hit a year ago, businesses suffered in many ways. For plenty of them in a wide range of industries, they also lost a key marketing vehicle: trade shows. Social distancing was encouraged, and travel was discouraged.

Thus, there was just no way to get clients, customers, and prospects together under one roof for those big industry gatherings.

Now things are getting back to normal. More and more business activities are coming back. Trade shows are coming out of hiding and returning to their rightful status. In fact, many are already back.

Ready (or NOT?)

The question is, is your business ready to return to trade show marketing? With everything on hold and your materials out of sight, it would be wise not to assume they are “ready for prime time” as the saying goes.

The question is, are your displays and exhibit pieces in “questionable” condition?

Here are three questions you need to ask your trade show marketing team to be sure you are ready to go now that trade shows are back and better than ever.

3 Post Pandemic Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Marketing Team

  1. Do You Know Where Your Trade Show Displays ARE?

It’s not a strange question. When businesses shut down a year ago, things had to happen fast. Nothing was “normal” and few business practices escaped chaotic consequences.

Those hastily packed exhibit displays, signage, table linens, etc. had to be stowed quickly. There was no time for normal protocols, and everyone was scrambling to act quickly on many fronts.

Do you even KNOW where those materials wound up?

We learned of one company that didn’t even remember tossing their old trade-show materials. And even if you remember where yours is, can you be sure of its condition?

  1. Are Your Displays Damaged or “Shopworn?

This would be an excellent time to ensure that your trade show materials are in good shape to make a good impression with trade show attendees. Don’t assume it IS. Have someone you trust get them out of storage (or wherever they are) and examine them carefully.

lt is possible that with COVID-19 fears spreading rapidly last year, the priority was on storing materials quickly. That may have lessened the emphasis on storing them for maximum protection. Displays may have become damaged or inoperable.

In addition, prolonged storage can result in faded imagery and stained or distressed table throws or fabric panels. It is smart to check on these materials now, so you can replace any that have been damaged in time for the return of trade shows.

  1. Has Your Message or Branding Changed?

Even if the materials are in good shape, they might not be good ambassadors for your brand.  Your logo might have changed. Mergers or acquisitions might have altered your business name. Those need to change, of course.

Writing and graphics on the materials may no longer reflect your company’s current promotional efforts or marketing focus. If trade show materials don’t harmonize with and reinforce your other marketing efforts, they should change. Your customers need a consistent brand positioning across all your marketing channels.

No one knows exactly how businesses will need to continue the battle against COVID-19.  You may wish to move to a different style of trade show display as a result. Perhaps you will need or prefer a design that includes a hand sanitizer dispenser or protective shields for interactions with prospects at the show.

A Refreshing Opportunity

You want business to come back stronger than ever. So why wouldn’t you want to show your very best face to potential customers? We make it easy for you to refresh your trade show materials with several helpful options:

  • Virtual samples of trade show materials easily available
  • Delivery in 2-4 working days after approval of proofs
  • Great new display ideas to help you explode from the starting line, instead of just picking up where you left off
  • Flexibility to help you with changing conditions as trade shows change and morph from virtual to live, or incorporate a combination of both
  • Great pricing – table throw prices are down from last year
  • Great responsiveness – challenge us to meet your deadlines

With Superior, you get MORE than you expected. We can take you on a “virtual” tour of our showroom. There, you can see it all: a multitude of exciting new items and special sale prices on many of our most popular sellers. You’ll be able to almost “touch” each item and get a feel for the impact it would have on your trade show efforts.

A Partner You Wouldn’t Trade for Anyone

We’ve been helping businesses DO business more efficiently for nearly 100 years. (And that certainly includes trade show displays and the smart promotional items you may wish to pass out to show attendees.)

After five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, our ability to please customers is obvious. And our ISO certification virtually ensures that we use our tested products and processes to deliver for every customer.

Contact Superior or your five-time award-winning Superior sales rep, and mention that you’d like an appointment to tour our virtual showroom. Your trade show displays deserve a critical look because success at trade shows will be critical for your business.

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