Promotional Products: A Swift Way To Stand Out

Image credit: Perry Scott Nash

If you want people to quickly discover your brand, there’s no better way to do that than with promotional products. Not only does it create brand advocacy that can lead to loyalty, it maneuvers your brand’s name and logo into settings and situations where it wouldn’t normally be found. In a sense, your customers are acting as ‘walking billboards,’ and all you have to do is give away free stuff.

But before you get too excited and hit the promotional gear market, it’s important to have a plan. You’re still targeting a niche audience, and you want your promotional products to always point back to your brand. Even if it’s got your logo plastered on the front, you still want your promotional products to represent your company.

3 Steps To Boost Promotional Marketing Efficiency

Buy only what you need: Consider buying what you need as that need arrives. Don’t stock up on promotional gear, mugs, or office supplies before they are needed for your marketing campaign. This saves time as well as money, and you can always buy in bigger quantitates as you plan around your marketing calendar. This also gives you the opportunity to find out what items are most popular.

Gain customer feedback: Promotional products can give you good customer feedback, and your brand can be kept lively and relevant by using that response to continually cast your brand in a new light. Offer what your target audience is looking for. Perhaps you can use a survey after an event, asking people to list their favorite products. You get the benefit of being able to consolidate the products you buy at the next giveaway.

Always have goals: Like every other marketing strategy, promotional products must be used with specific goals in mind. Think through your company calendar. Are there events approaching? Trade shows? What sort of promotional items would your brand prosper most from in different situations? (You might not want to hand out mugs at a golf outing). If you know the estimated amount of attendees to these outings or events, you can save time and money by ordering the right amount of promotional products.

Done right, promotional products can become a marketing sales strategy that is efficient and gains your brand a very swift foothold in the market. Superior Business Solutions can help you save that extra time by performing a promotional products audit with which we will help you identify your goals and achieve those goals by the most efficient rout. Contact us for more information.

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