Direct Mail Is Still Relevant

10 Tips for A Successful Direct Mail CampaignIf you read my last post, you’ll know that direct mail is not dead or even dying. It might be easy to think that direct mail is out of date, but that rumor is more or less a product of the “paperless office” fad that’s already cooling. The fact is that a direct mail campaign can get your target audience’s attention when electronic communication can’t. But how do you create a really effective direct mail campaign? Here are ten tips:

10 Tips for a Stellar Direct Mail Campaign

Keep It Brief: One of the best things you can do is allow a short amount of powerful copy speak for itself. You can’t expect the recipient to read paragraphs of text, so give them a brief but memorable message and CTA, and let it work on them.

Use Testimonials: Testimonials are a great way for your audience to feel like they are joining a club; it also ensures them that others have found your product or service exceptional. Consumers trust other consumers.

Use Bait: By offering a free gift or discount, you increase the chance of getting them to respond. Use buzzwords like free to grab their attention, and if you want to create a sense of urgency, you can make it a limited time offer.

QR Codes: QR Codes are a great way to lead your audience through the sales funnel because it takes them straight to your site where you can capture more of their information. Once they go to your site, you have a much higher chance of making them interested. That’s a huge step.

Personalized URLs: Imagine reaching every prospect and customer and directing them to a customized, personalized website. That’s powerful marketing. With personalized URLs you as much as double response rates by creating relevant, personalized communications.

Stand Out: There are many ways to stand out before the recipient even opens the envelope. Using an unusual shape or size, or keeping the envelope blank of any marketing copy will increase the chance that they will open the mail and take a look. Using an unusual paper, like a seed paper for example, is also a great way to stand out.

Design Strategy: A lot goes in to the simple look of the message. The copy is very important, but so is the design. Make sure you use bold images and colors to reinforce and compliment your message.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Make sure you use test segments with slightly altered design and copy to find out what is the most effective. Focus especially on changing up your headlines and offers to see what works best.

Brand Continuity: Make sure people recognize your brand. You want your audience to come to remember your logo, your color scheme, your particular company voice – so that when they see your brand in another context, it will be familiar.

Call-To-Action: This is often the most important part of your direct mail campaign. Your audience won’t know what to do unless you ask them to do something specific. Make your CTA clear and simple. Don’t ask too much of them right off. Sometimes it’s as easy as welcoming them to take a look at your website.

I hope these 10 tips will help you to have a successful direct mail campaign! If you have questions about print marketing or direct mail, our Superior Business Solutions sales reps are print experts. So feel free to contact us HERE or call us at 800.968.1416.


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