Helping Companies in the Floral Industry Grow a Bunch

Marketers in the floral industry know that business grows on relationships and being “top of mind”. When a need arises from a current or potential client, your name needs to be the one they think of. One of the best ways to nurture relationships and make sure your company comes to mind quickly, is through promotional items.

I don’t mean just any items, of course. Our significant experience and consumer research has taught us that promotional items are the best-received advertising channel. But we’ve learned that useful items, especially those that are uniquely related to a specific industry “work” the best. We can source and/or create almost any item you can imagine. But here are a few suggestions that may plant some seeds.

Custom USB Drive - Promotional Give-Away

1. PVC Delivery Van USB Drive

In promotional value, this one really brings it. Whether you are in the wholesale or retail end of the business, your logo on this charming and playful shape unlocks all the right emotions. And since it’s so useful, it will deliver frequently. It’s in our Standard Custom Shape Collection, so there’s no mold charge, and it complies with CE, FCC, and RoHS.

Custom Promotional Printed Calendars

2. Promotional Calendars

A great way to be “front and center” with your customers every day—literally. Choose from many styles from wall and desk to pocket options; a reassuring presence in today’s busy but tech-driven world. Calendars are highly sought-after by prospects. And beautiful floral photography combined with an appropriate deal for each holiday will keep you on their schedule!

Promotional gardening tool set

3. Promotional Gardening Tool Sets

No real surprise that people in the floral industry are gardeners and tinkerers. There may be nothing better to command their attention and loyalty than a custom garden tool set. Attractive and handy, it puts your company where their passion is! We even have eco-friendly sets that contain no PVC.

Floral gift card holders

4. Foldable Flower Gift Card Holder

A popular new item. This unique flower-shaped gift card holder or greeting card folds origami-style for a striking effect. A dramatic way to present a gift card, promotional offer or sales incentive. Limitless possibilities with custom spring flower art options or “Grow your business” opportunities. Complies with CPSIA.

Adult coloring book with floral designs

5. Floral Designs Adult Coloring Book

Floral industry people are artists at heart. Appeal to their passion! Each book contains 31 designs on acid-free art-grade paper. This is a book they won’t put down. (Even when they’re done, they’ll hang it, since one-side printing and micro-perforations make pages easy to detach.) We have many designs to choose from, and can even customize a book to meet your exact needs.

North Face Logo

6. Promotional Apparel

You want to have your customers putting you on! This attractive apparel will be used often by the recipient, and displayed so that plenty of other prospects and customers see it too!

Put your logo on North Face, Nike, Levelwear and more, and your name will spring up everywhere. A great-looking way to make a statement about your brand.

Promotional Flower Pens

7. Customized Promotional Pen

The ideal giveaway. Choose flower petals in pink, yellow or blue in an orange pot that serves as the pen stand. Your company name or logo on the pot is sure to help your name crop up when business opportunities are discussed.

Custom wooden puzzle - Promotional Item

8. Customized Floral Wood Puzzle

Perfect for any blooming desktop. This interesting 9-piece wood puzzle is a wonderful distraction and conversation piece. And you’ll be part of that conversation! One logo location included, but up to 24 are possible at a small extra charge. These puzzles can put together a nice boost for your business.

Custom glass flower vase

9. Promotional Vase

What’s a more appropriate promotional gift to the floral industry than your flowers in a vase with your name and logo on it?
Combine your branding with nature’s beauty for a promotional item that’s difficult to beat. Choose from an almost unlimited variety of colors, materials, and designs.

10. Customized Promotional Kitting

Often the most impactful package contains promotional items and printed materials collected from a variety of sources, completely customized to your needs for a given promotional effort. This can be demanding in terms of maintaining the desired timing and cost control. But we have extensive experience in doing exactly that. Our kitting experience includes packages designed for a variety of different industries. We are ready to handle your promotional kitting project unique to your business.

Your Source for Fresh Promotion Items and Ideas

Let our creativity and extensive capabilities help you make just the right statement to your floral industry customers. Our powerful roster of proven vendors and gives us the flexibility to source literally any item you can think of, with quality and reliable delivery. And our long track record of service, since 1924, gives you the comfort you are looking for in a promotional management partner.

To put all this at your disposal, contact us and one of our award-winning sales reps will get things growing for you. The right promotional item, package or plan can really put the “petal” to the metal in growing your floral industry business.

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