The Worst Ways to Handle Your Best Form of Advertising

I’ve heard a few less-than-flattering terms for promotional items throughout my career. And I only have one thing to say about that…they’re accurate, in many cases. You know I have great respect for what promotional items can accomplish; but when companies choose them in a thoughtless, halfhearted and haphazard way, they had might as well not bother.

It’s shocking to me, frankly. Owners and managers know that promotional items are supposed to represent and remind prospects of their companies. Yet they distribute promotional products that are thoughtless, of poor quality or garishly self-promotional. Are those qualities you’d like them to connect with your company?

Of course not. We’ve been a leader in providing effective, branded promotional products for decades. From that experience, we’ve learned what works and how to do it “right.” And we can quickly spot the problem for companies who are making the following mistakes:

  1. Poor Quality

This one seems like the proverbial “no-brainer.” But many companies prefer to go with just about the cheapest item they can find. They rationalize it with “hey, they’re getting it for nothing” or “it’s gonna wind up in the trash anyway.”

Well, it will with that approach. There is a big difference between “cheap” and “value.” A promotional product that is poorly made, or falls apart quickly earns no points from prospects and attaches a negative perception to your whole company. Make sure you work with verified vendors who deliver quality at a reasonable cost. Any item you order must leave a positive impression of your company because quality matters.

  1. Generic Products Make No Connection

A promotional item that is chosen with little thought has little impact. “Same old, same old” is the reaction to promotional products chosen because they are typical, or have been handed out before. You don’t score many points with an item your prospect will find useless. And the only image you leave behind is that you are a company with very little imagination.

Ensure you make a connection with your audience by choosing promotional items thoughtfully in two ways. First, choose to work with a promotional product provider which has historical experience about what promotional items are most popular with recipients—and those results are tracked even by state. So you can make an informed choice, backed by research.

Secondly, work with a provider that works with a wide variety of approved vendors. This will ensure you the creativity to design a far more memorable promotional item than if you are limited. Think of a flash drive custom-made to fit your industry (like a guitar for a music industry event). Your cleverness and thoughtfulness will impress and delight your prospects even more, and help them remember your company at critical times down the road.

  1. “It’s Not You, It’s Me.”

That line may be popular in romantic comedies, but in business, the customer or prospect should always be the center of attention, not you. If your promotional item is garish, with your logo dominating everything, your prospects won’t be interested. It may work for Nike, but not for Larry’s Lugnut Emporium.

The point is that after you choose a product that your target audience will appreciate, don’t ruin it. Locate your logo in a discreet but visible spot that will remind them of your company’s generosity, rather than its clueless self-promotion.

Promotional Items with Impact

Superior Business Solutions helps companies maximize the impact of their promotional products. We’ll help you choose the ideal item and brand it tastefully. Then we’ll source it to a quality vendor who can deliver a quality product on time. We have a network of nearly 2000 vendors to help us do that and we can even source products worldwide if necessary. We have decades of experience saving our clients’ money and time with our promotional product management systems and technology.

Whether you want one item, or even better, a well-designed annual promotional products plan that will elevate your company marketing, contact Superior today. Or get in touch with one of our skilled sales reps. Studies have shown that promotional items are the most effective form of advertising for your business. It’s too big an opportunity to squander.


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