Helpful Tip for Direct Mail: “Item-ize” It

Recently, I came across an interesting blog post. It focused on how to make direct mail more effective. The author was knowledgeable, and she made some good suggestions. But she forgot the most proven “tactic” of all – promotional products.

The Usual Suspects

The article restated many things that, while certainly not new, are good reminders when putting together any direct mail letter or communication:

  • Present the main theme first, last, and frequently, because some recipients will remember things mentioned early, while others remember things mentioned near the end. (Still others respond to repetition.)
  • Include a “call to action”—rule #1 for those of us trained in the discipline
  • Use bullets—uh, like these—to present lists
  • Make it memorable, somehow: add pictures, tell stories, use unique language

I agree and have no issues with any of these “guidelines.” But the article fails to mention what I think is the best way to improve the results of your direct mail efforts.

It’s Not Just What You Say—It’s What You SEND

Direct mail has one primary purpose: to generate responses. And nothing generates a response like promotional items. Research has shown quite clearly that compared to all other forms of advertising, promotional products cause consumers to act.

People are more likely to seek more information about your brand, and more likely to do business with you, after they receive a promotional item from you. Tinker with your direct mail all you like. But to push response rates significantly higher, don’t add a clever “P.S.” – add a well-chosen promotional product.

Promotional Products Add Punch to Your Direct Mail

So just think of what a powerful combo you can unleash on key prospects.

  1. A convincing and well-crafted printed direct mail piece, and
  2. A promotional product prospects will appreciate and think better of you for including.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to add significantly to mailing costs. It simply needs to add perceived value to your mailing.

We have a long and proven track record of helping businesses produce excellent direct mail packages. And our list of verified promotional product vendors gives us unmatched resources for selecting a promotional item that help your direct mail score a direct hit on your prospects.

Call Us—We’re in the Idea Business

Contact Superior today. I’d love to brainstorm direct mail ideas with you, and suggest a unique promotional item or two to make it really spur action on the part of your prospects. Or call one of our talented sales reps and ask for a free promotional product audit.

Don’t send out another weak direct mail piece. Power it up with promotional products!

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