GoToPrint Makes Your Promotion More Personal … and Effective

In Tuesday’s post, I quickly explained “GoToPrint” and how it improves your important business documents like proposals, reports, manuals, catalogs and more. With this advanced print management technology, you can make those documents more accurate, timely, thorough and frankly—more likely to win customers.

GoToPrint employs two large, fully redundant overnight digital document facilities in major distribution hubs. You can correct errors and make revisions online, even at the last-minute. Those facilities can then print, collate, and deliver the correct documents the next day, to wherever they are needed for.

GoToPrint Improves Your Marketing Precision

Besides business documents, GoToPrint can help your company in another area: marketing documents. That includes traditional advertising, direct mail, flyers, brochures, newsletters, postcards and many more collateral pieces.

How does GoToPrint help? It gives you the capability to customize your message to individuals or groups of prospects based on their interests or their position in the “sales funnel.” With this online print management function, you can add or delete pictures and texts as desired to ensure that each prospect receives information most relevant to his situation. Information that will help you close the deal.

Tailored Messages Talk Their Language

You can customize your materials for a certain prospect or group in many ways. Let’s look at a few examples:

1. As a  realtor offering a moderately priced home, you know it could attract first-time homebuyers as well as “trade-up” prospects. One might need more guidance on “next steps” while the other cares about the school district. Once you know their situation after a phone call or open house, you can tailor a simple brochure for each that addresses their unique concerns in more detail.

2. The same applies to sales reps for hotels, resort properties or vacation destinations. With GoToPrint, they can easily “swap out” text and photos of children’s activities in favor of  exciting nightlife details for honeymooners and prospects looking for romance.

3. A construction management firm hoping to land a healthcare project can replace the projects “featured” in its literature with previous work on hospitals, clinics or medical facilities. Further, text can be “tweaked” on other projects to emphasize skills or factors that might make them relevant to the project at hand. And more positive reviews from previous healthcare clients can be inserted.

It’s true in virtually any industry and every selling situation. You will close the sale more often if you address your prospects’ specific issues. That’s what GoToPrint does better than any other technology.

Here’s How to Make Your Marketing More Meaningful

GoToPrint makes your marketing more efficient and effective. We’ve been adding efficiency to businesses for nearly 100 years now, so it’s no surprise we are the “go-to” source for this technology. Our ISO certification sets high business standards that we meet for each client we serve. And our client reviews indicate that we deliver. Those reviews have earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

This week, I’ve talked about how GoToPrint helps you in two ways. First, you can present more timely, higher-quality business documents. Secondly, you can create more focused and effective marketing vehicles. It could easily become one of the most valuable sales enablement tools in your arsenal. Don’t wait; contact Superior today.

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