GoToPrint Helps Perfect Your Presentations

If you’re not exactly sure what “GoToPrint” means, both you and your business are about to get a valuable boost. GoToPrint is an amazingly versatile sales enablement service. It simply helps your business look better and more polished to customers and prospects.

GoToPrint takes much of the stress out of creating sales presentations and other important business documents. And perhaps more importantly, it allows you to put your strongest, most up-to-date and compelling information into them.

How GoToPrint Works

GoToPrint is an online print management technology that offers maximum flexibility and responsiveness. You will be using one of the largest overnight digital document facilities in the country to print, collate, bind and deliver your custom business documents overnight. They can be delivered next day to multiple locations, with no minimum or maximum quantities. Your project moves from print order to delivery in hours, not days.

But it’s not merely a speed issue. When online print management is coupled with these massive capabilities, you get the opportunity to refine your documents at the last minute with a horrible in-house “all-nighter” by your staff. Changes can be made in almost real time, so the documents delivered can reflect the latest input and any 11th-hour corrections.

Want Some Examples?

Now that you know the meaning of GoToPrint, let’s check out some common examples. Some of these might sound familiar in your business experience.

• You get a call from a client requesting that your presentation address something not previously mentioned. With GoToPrint you can work it in seamlessly. That not only meets the request but further impresses your prospect with your agility in fielding the request.

• You learn that a competitor has ‘upped the ante’ or touted a service that you also provide (but didn’t mention in your presentation deck). No problem. Thanks to GoToPrint, it will be in there.

• Despite your best efforts, you’ve noticed an embarrassing “typo” in the middle of an important section. No need to move quickly across it and hope the prospect doesn’t notice it or won’t think too poorly of you. A quick online adjustment and that typo never happened, as far as that prospect is concerned.

• You are launching a new product or service at a public meeting tomorrow with key internal and external audiences in attendance. But you have noticed a procedural mistake in the instruction manual you had intended to pass out. Don’t scrub the event or the planned manual. Just GoToPrint and fix it. The corrected manual can be ready as planned.

For GoToPrint, Go to Superior

We’ve been helping businesses work more efficiently for almost a century now. Our ISO certification virtually dictates that we put proven processes to work on your behalf. And our three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards are proof of another sort; we earned them only because of the positive feedback from our customers.

Be sure to stop back Thursday. I’ll discuss another whole area where GoToPrint can be a life (and business) saver: marketing materials. But you don’t have to wait to give your business a lift. Contact Superior today and ask how GoToPrint can be a big business-builder for you.

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