Experience to Learn and Profit From

People always ask me how we have maintained and grown Superior Business Solutions for almost a century. Although I never seem to answer as eloquently as I would like, the answer is really pretty simple.

Our success directly results from our customers and employees that we treat like family and always monitoring our foundation… innovations to create efficiencies.

Since this is my last post of the year, and 2019 will be our 95th year in business, I thought I’d share some thoughts with you on staying in business for almost a century and how our success serves your business positively.

Looking Back to When Carbon Paper Was Cutting Edge

When my grandfather, Robert English, founded our company in 1924, he named it Superior Business Forms. We helped companies by supplying the forms needed to keep businesses running smoothly. In fact, my grandfather started this business with a mission to help other businesses run more efficiently and thus, more profitable.

When he discovered the “new” carbon paper that was cutting edge, he used it to create a better sales order book. He used the “new” carbon paper and came up with customized sales order books that allowed salespeople in the field to produce two copies of a form – while writing out the details only once. A timesaving innovation indeed.

As our reputation and client base grew, we became known for the printed products we distributed through more than almost 2,000 printing plants across the country. But we also earned a following for our ability to help businesses incorporate more efficiency into their operations, allowing more profit to drop to the bottom lines. Businesses appreciated that and, of course, still do.

What’s In a Name?

So it made sense to change our name along the way to better reflect our broader focus. We became Superior Business Solutions. And those solutions expanded to include printed brochures, labels, promotional items and point-of-sale pieces. And perhaps more importantly, they included ways to help clients move information as efficiently as possible as technology advanced.

Even today’s most advanced systems require printed pieces and computer technologies to work together and interface seamlessly. We help make that happen.

And now our parent company SBS Brands encompasses 5 brands that work together to help you thrive in 2019.

Our family of companies helps businesses get their message to the market across multiple formats and mediums, including print, direct mail, promotional products, custom reusable bags, web and app development, SEO, inbound marketing, digital marketing asset management platforms and e-procurement technologies. With so many possibilities to help your business in 2019, looking forward to the new year is looking pretty good.

Looking Forward to Next Year

With 94 years in the books, we’ll be marking our 95th anniversary in 2019. That alone says plenty about our ability to remain valuable to businesses of all sizes. With our experience, we understand what’s coming better than most. And with our agility and expertise, we can adapt faster to anything that emerges.

We master new technologies and harness them quickly. That means our clients can take advantage of them sooner and gain more efficiency from them.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is proof we adopt best practices and meet rigid standards to serve today’s clients effectively. And those clients have added their seal of approval by choosing us for two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And can you say three-peat? We can, but more on that in 2019.

Superior Isn’t a Place—It’s People

But what really keeps us successful isn’t technology, systems or procedures. It’s the people who make up the Superior Business Solutions’ family. We have employees who have worked for us for three decades. And there are families in which members of three different generations have worked for us in the past or do so right now.

While we think that says something about us, it mostly says something about them. And I appreciate them every day.

And we have clients who have been with us for decades as well, and many that are just joining us but already are part of a family of companies who care more about people than profit.

It is truly our goal, and always has been, to help business owners, companies, organizations and their employees, increase profits and efficiencies in their workday in order to get them out the door on time and on to the things in life that matter most to them.


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