What Are the Three Words that Are Ruining Your Company’s Promotional Products Program? “Too Many Buyers”

By Steve Bramble, Superior Business Solutions’ Director of Program Integration

Promotional ProductsOkay, maybe “too many buyers” is a little strong, but can we agree that every mid to large sized organization has a number of buyers for their promotional products?

Good, now just for grins, lets identify them:

  1. Event Planners – these busy people are organizing everything from trade shows, recruiting events, and so much more. They reserve locations, handle invites, organize travel plans, and gather materials too! Oh, yeah, and they buy promotional products.
  2. Human Resources – Yes, they recruit too but they also train, reward, are involved in wellness programs, company picnics and Christmas parties – and they buy promotional products.
  3. Marketing – gotta get that brand out there! Yep, they need promotional products too.
  4. Executive Assistants – The boss needs to make an impression! They need high-end promo!
  5. Sales – (Sadly shake your head) they “have to” have give-a-ways or the deal won’t close! And they’ll get it on their own if they have to. At least all salespeople have good taste, right?

Every other large department – Hey, they need stuff too!

Fragmented Purchasing Makes for Unnecessary Expenses and Time Wasted

Each department has different needs and desires when it comes to their promotional product needs.  The best solution would be to have a single source for your promotional products and the technology needed to manage the purchasing efficiently but there is no way a single source can organize and satisfy everyone, right? Plus, new technology is such a hassle and very expensive.

…Maybe not.

Let’s Break Down the Most Common Concerns Your Company May Have About Implementing a Promotional Product Management Program

  1. Our supplier doesn’t have EVERYTHING we need. Wrong Supplier.
  2. We don’t like the stuff Marketing chooses. There may be a method to their madness, but okay.
  3. We want to give away different stuff than the other departments. I hear you!
  4. Uncle Joe. He has been selling us pens and mouse pads for years and we wouldn’t want to disappoint him. I hope touch screens aren’t hurting his business.
  5. I enjoy shopping around for just the right things. That can be important. By the way, where’s that report you said I would get yesterday?
  6. I found the same thing for a nickel less in California. Did you make sure to add the cost of the four hours it took to find it and the additional shipping?

Well that’s it. You may be feeling that it’s impossible to get true promotional product management with all these buyers and their issues.  You may be Save Timethinking that you will have to live with no idea of what you really spend, increased shipping and invoicing costs, less employee productivity and control on your brand. Or do you?

There Has to Be a Better Way…and There Is

A true promotional product management organization works closely with all buyers involved and has the ability to meet all of their needs while keeping in mind the overall needs of your corporation.

True promotional product management is about finding a partner to help you decrease costs and increase efficiencies with no new capital expenditures.

Yes, it can be done!

Promotional product knowledge, an extensive supply chain, no cost technology and process solutions, summary billing and creativity are the attributes needed in your partner.

Superior Business Solutions has the attributes you need in a promotional product management partner.

Contact us HERE right now to find out about partnering with us to decrease your costs, increase efficiencies, and make everybody happy by turning “Too Many Buyers” into the perfect team of promotional product pros.

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