Make Superior Your “Tag Team”

Most consumers don’t think much about custom labels and tags, beyond the prices on everyday products. They’d probably be surprised to learn how many are on the average new car. (Think under the hood, on the doorpost, and hidden spots like the trunk, gas cap, fuse box, inside visor and more.)

Even many business owners who use large quantities of custom labels and tags give little thought to them, dismissing them as merely “commodities.” That’s a mistake. They could save significant time and money by getting custom labels and tags through a Commodity Management System.

Your Industry—Your Opportunity


Many industries rely heavily on tags and labels. Auto manufacturing, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment are good examples, but there are dozens of others.

Tags and labels are utilized for many purposes, depending on the industry, including:

How to Properly Manage Your Commodities

A Commodity Management System captures and analyzes data inputs to maximize the efficiency of procurement, utilization methods, consumption and more. And it applies to single-location businesses and enterprises with multiple facilities around the world. Superior’s Corporate Kiosk™ technology streamlines the process by providing on-demand e-procurement by authorized employees.

There are many tangible benefits, including:

  • Saving employee time by eliminating repetitive (and risky) ordering
  • Reducing or even eliminating the need for inventory with storage at Superior facilities
  • Taking advantage of quantity pricing without the inventory normally required
  • Eliminating cost variances and quality mishaps that can occur with rogue ordering

Tag? We’re “It”

Put simply, we know labels. Our familiarity with specific industry needs and requirements will help keep you on track and in compliance. We have experience with specialty labels that must endure harsh hot and cold climates, rough handling, and a multitude of other environmental conditions.

One confession: I admit that I can’t, offhand, tell you exactly how many tags and labels are on the average new car. But I can suggest one company with the knowledge and resources to supply each and every one of them efficiently and economically. You know which one.

We have been helping businesses operate more efficiently for nearly 100 years. And positive feedback from our customers gathered through independent research has earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

Want your business to enjoy similar benefits? Contact Superior and ask for more information on our custom tag and label commodity management technologies.

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