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Our Custom Labels Make Things Easy…

…not to mention safer, more efficient, and more profitable. To many people, a “label” is a tag on a T-shirt or a sticker on a box in the attic. But to today’s business owner, labels can mean a great many critical things. At the very least, they are a fundamental component of packing and shipping operations for countless businesses. But within many industries, they play vital and integral roles that directly impact the success and growth of the business.

Take warehousing, where labels are the key to inventory control and distribution. Labels on totes, pallets, drums and other compartmentalized systems tell picking and sortation systems where items are to be stored and where they can be retrieved efficiently. In logistics, labels help streamline freight and shipping operations; the transit of goods is handled faster and more accurately from manufacture or acquisition through final delivery.

Labels are extremely vital in the food industry,as well.  The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) calls for tracking food products from source to retail shelves, and PTI labels help make this accountability possible, not only for shipments and case lots, but down to individual items. In agriculture, RFID and barcode technologies allow for tracking of ranch and farm products from the time they enter processing through the time they are available for consumer purchase.

Perhaps no industry relies more on accurate and advanced labeling technologies than healthcare. Test tubes, vials, blood and drug test samples, slides used for diagnostic purposes and laboratory analysis – the list of process applications in which labels are critical to the maintenance of health and safety standards is nearly endless. Even the patients themselves are “labeled”. The medical field needs all these labels supplied in quantity with flawless accuracy.

At Superior Business Solutions, our expertise includes custom labels from all the leading label manufacturers, including both traditional styles and those used in advanced labeling technologies including barcode, RFID, digital, laser, thermal scanning and more.

Better Labels, and a Better Way to Get Them

The quality of our label products is only the beginning. Perhaps the best business advantage to you lies in our Commodity Management Solutions (CMS). It helps you lower costs and maximize operational efficiency, whether you manage a single-site facility or are involved in procurement for an enterprise with many national or global distribution points. The benefits include:

  • Consolidation of ordering similar items to a single touchpoint, eliminating the duplication of time and effort spent researching and ordering these items by different parts of your organization.
  • Purchasing like items in larger quantities to increase standardization and help control costs across multiple offices, plants, and departments.
  • Enhanced inventory management, as labels are warehoused at Superior facilities for on-demand ordering, fulfillment and delivery.
  • Streamlining the entire process with our Corporate Kiosk-procurement technologies that take inventory management off your list of responsibilities.

This might be more than you’ve thought about labels before. But the good news is that with this information, you could greatly reduce the time you spend procuring the many different custom labels your company requires. Find out more about using our CMS for your custom labels right here.  Or give me call, and I can explain how it could help you. I know that dealing with labels and inventory tracking is enough to make you pull your hair out – and not everyone has the thick, cushy head of hair I do. (No comments on that, please.)

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