Are You Sending the Right Message at The Wrong Time?

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I often talk about products, services, and ideas that will save you time in your workday. Usually, it involves promotional items and print management. But I hope you haven’t gotten to where you just say “oh, that again” because it sounds like a “generic” benefit. Because it’s not, and today I’ll explain why.

Who wouldn’t want their company to run more efficiently? Time is money, right? But there’s another less-obvious benefit that might be even more important. Saving time in your workday could help both you and your people live better lives.

Efficiency Shortens Everyone’s Workday

I caught an interesting (older but still backed-up today) post from Tim Sanders, a motivational speaker, and former Yahoo exec. It had one simple but very specific theme: stop sending your employees late-night emails! He made some interesting points along the way.

Often, “the boss” has it pretty good, and can thoughtlessly toss out little after-hours “do this” and “do that” messages from the comfort of a first-class airplane seat or waterfront deck. Efficient use of time, right? But those messages can bring stress and worry to employees on the receiving end, and have a negative impact on their family relationships.

Is your message worth that?

“But … It’s Just a Reminder….”

You may feel that way about after-dinner emails or weekend “reminders.” But your workers may take them very differently and feel worried or guilty. One or more of these thoughts might run through their heads:

• “If the boss is working late, maybe I should be, too.”

• “He/she wouldn’t send it now if they weren’t expecting me to respond immediately.”

• “I’ll look like a bad employee if I put this aside…”

• “Maybe I SHOULD have been working harder on this….”

• “This is getting ridiculous. I have to find another job.”

You get the idea. If your message involves something you want them to know or act upon “first thing in the morning” then send it “first thing in the morning.” Not tonight, when they’re enjoying family time.

It’s then that your message could be sending the wrong message.

Come to Think of It, What About YOU?

That “work/life balance” thing isn’t just for employees, it’s for you, too. As a business owner or manager, it may be natural to put more time and energy into making your company successful. I certainly know as well as you do that it’s never far from your mind. I know our business is never far from my mind.

But studies have shown that bosses who live multi-dimensional lives are better bosses. If you have and nourish a rich family life, your employees respect you more for it. And yes, work even harder. Keep in mind: work/life balance isn’t a strategy to improve productivity. It should be a goal all its own, both for you and your people.

Make Your Workday Count

That’s why I wanted to raise this issue today. When I talk about using print and promotional product management to save hours in your workday, don’t think of it as a trite claim. Think of what happens when you really get more accomplished during regular hours.

Think of your employees enjoying their family time more, being more positive, and coming to work refreshed and ready. (Because they didn’t get an email from you.) And think of you being able to enjoy your off hours more fully because you handled things during the workday. (What a concept.)

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