Retail IRC Labels / IRC Coupons

Custom Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) Labels are labels affixed to products and/or printed pieces that customers can just peel off to grab immediate savings or take advantage of some other promotional opportunity.

These instant coupons are the secret weapon in on-the-spot sales increases in retail.

We are an IRC label print supplier and IRC labels provide solutions for businesses such as:

  • Adaption to almost any product.
  • They can be printed in full color
  • Any size and shape
  • Single pull-offs or multi-sheet information panels
  • Can be customized to work with or standout from your product’s packaging

All labels are customized to suit your specific requirements for size, format, and proper adhesion. Find out more about our label management solutions under the services section at the top of this page, or contact Superior today to discuss how we can save your team time and your company money.

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    About Superior Business Solutions

    We are a value-added supplier of custom labels to manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. We work with our customers to research and select the label stocks, adhesives, and printing necessary for the demands of their operations; and we design custom label solutions with built-in redundancies to deliver mission-critical labels that keep our customers’ operations running.

    IRC labels typically have one side that is adhesive and sticks to the package, but the label (or a tear-off section of it) it can be easily removed at the checkout for redemption. Other configurations can even include mini brochures, informational panels, contest entries or direct mail offers. They can be designed to permit customers to write on them for sending in their contact information.

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