You Need A Custom PTI Label Solution That Sticks In Challenging Conditions

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is a relatively new development for the food industry; it has added incredible accountability to the process of growing, picking, packing, labeling and shipping produce. The goal, of course, is to establish and maintain the absolute ability to track these products from the time they are harvested all the way to customers’ homes.

This ability to clearly and accurately track these products from “farm to fork” is a positive boost for the professionalism of the industry. At the same time, it provides an extra margin of protection for consumers in every corner of the country. The system helps ensure that, should there ever be a safety concern due to reports of contamination or another food-related issue, the product in question can be quickly traced to its point of origin, and every place it was handled along the way.

This information can be used to determine the area—down to the exact farm or even field—from which the fruit or vegetable in question was harvested, and what facilities “touched” it along the way. That knowledge makes it possible for another product from the same batch or shipment to be removed from shelves while the investigation is completed – preventing any additional consumers from becoming ill. But all of this is possible only if the label carrying that crucial information remains on the product or product packaging throughout the entire handling process.

Your PTI Label Must Adhere to a Variety of Surfaces

Think of the many kinds of fruits and vegetables the produce industry delivers to local supermarkets; From grapes to green beans, and watercress to watermelons, the list is almost endless. Now, think of the many kinds of containers those items may be packaged in. Some travel in plastic bags, others in corrugated boxes. Some are shipped in wooden crates, while others are transported in large bulk bins. Cartons (in waxed and unwaxed styles) carry a multitude of items.

Our PTI label providers have the expertise to develope custom solutions for our agricultural product customers. Their proprietary adhesives hold labels securely to the container regardless of the material from which the container was made.

Your PTI Label Must Withstand Diverse Weather Conditions

The surface material of the shipping container isn’t the only worry as far as label adhesion. PTI labels must also be designed to tolerate a wide array of weather and storage conditions as shipments cross the country. Weather can be a factor at any time or place along a shipping route.

When fruits and vegetables are placed in cold storage somewhere along the way, the PTI labels on their cases must be tough and durable enough to survive the reduced temperatures for extended time periods. These “cold-storage” areas can be chilled in various ways including icing, forced air, hydro, and other technologies. Some of these methods create moisture as a product of their activities; others provide a very arid environment. Again, the labels and label adhesives used by our PTI label providers are developed specifically to tolerate these types of environments.

Keep Your PTI Label On!

It’s obvious if the PTI label doesn’t stay on, the system doesn’t work. It’s that simple. Superior Business Solutions can make sure your PTI labels remain on your packaging.

If you have had problems with labels in the past, or just want to toss around some ideas about making PTI labels work more effectively for you, give me a call. Our reps know the ins and outs of the produce traceability initiative as well and would be happy to share their thinking. If you are heading to the PMA Fresh Summit Expo in Orlando this weekend, come by and say “Hello” in booth #4446.

As I said up front, one PTI label doesn’t fit all—but one company providing them does: Superior Business Solutions.

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