And Right Now Golf Get-Togethers Sound Better Than Ever

The weather is warming up, and if you are a golfer, you are once again experiencing those wonderful feelings of clocking a solid drive, sinking a long putt, and having a great time with friends. If you’re a smart business owner, you are planning to use those wonderful feelings to benefit your company by hosting a golf outing!

Nothing builds goodwill like a golf outing. It’s the most enjoyable way to earn:

  • the grateful loyalty of your employees
  • a stronger relationship with your customers
  • the ongoing attention of your key prospects
  • a great return while promoting your company name

A Helpful How-To is HERE!

We’ve always been big fans of the magic (and the ROI) a golf outing or tournament can generate. If you are just “warming up” to the idea, the best approach is the same as it would be for a beginning golfer: take lessons from a pro.

At Superior, we’re the pros at helping our customers do golf outings right. In the past, we’ve covered the question of “how much does it cost to host a golf tournament.”

And every year, we make available a special Golf Outing Planning Guide for Corporate and Charity Events.  We update it annually, and the newest version is hot off the virtual presses and yours for the clicking!

Putting the GO in a Golf Outing or Tournament

Our annual guide is an invaluable help if you are going to host a tournament, or are just thinking about it. It has a bunker-full of information about many different decisions and considerations involved – and the great benefits you can achieve with a great outing.

Some of the topics covered in our Golf Outing Planning Guide include:

  • How to maximize the merchandise sales opportunities in “swag bags” and other items that are given to participants
  • The best gift items and kits to earn a “wow” from your golfers
  • A detailed timeline that tells you what you need to do, and when
  • Budgeting guidelines so you control costs and maximize revenues
  • On-course contests that delight attendees
  • Special golf-related services to make your outing stand out to guests

All the information in the guide will help you plan and manage a spectacular golf event. No need to be intimidated. Holding a great “scramble” doesn’t have to scramble your brain.

Service That Fits You to a Tee

Superior knows how to provide customer service and business ideas that are great on the golf course, or in the course of your normal workday.  “Proof points” are a great way to evaluate a potential partner, and we’ve got them to spare.

For starters, we have ISO certification that few others in our industry earn or maintain. And we’ve collected five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. In golf terms, that award ranks as a “major” – because it is only earned through the excellent reviews we get from our satisfied customers when asked by an objective testing service.

If you want that kind of talent caddying for your business, use the links at the top of this page to contact us directly, or through one of our award-winning Superior customer service reps.

And if you like the idea of hosting a golf outing or other tournament where important people have fun and think good thoughts about your business, then download our free special Golf Outing Planning Guide for Corporate and Charity Gold Events. It’s a great business opportunity. Consider yourself FORE-warned!

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