Turning Consumer Trends into Sales Tips: Communities Contribute to Your Success

Today, we offer the final installment in our series of sales tips based upon a report recently released by Sheryl Connelly, Global Consumer Trends and Futurist at Ford Motor Company. It highlights some revealing trends that help us understand how modern consumers think. They also hold several sales tips we can use to help our own businesses.

The final trend identified in the report involves the meaning of “community” today. Personally, I think this may be the most important consumer trend of all, both for us as business people and as individuals. We’ve all seen articles and comments about how we have become isolated from one another today, retreating to electronic screens to live our lives vicariously. I encourage you, however, not to believe it. That mindset sells us short, but keeps us from taking advantage of a chance to improve our businesses and live more fulfilling lives.

Street Signs Don’t Define a Community Today

The Ford Consumer Trend report makes an important point—communities today take many forms. Some are traditional, with people talking about issues over back fences and at the local market. In the United States, 46% of adults talk face-to-face with neighbors about community issues.

But it is also critical today to understand that many communities are now formed in online spaces. As the survey statistics reveal:

  • 20% of U.S. adults use digital tools to talk to their neighbors and remain informed about community issues
  • 22% of them receive email or text alerts about local issues including crime, traffic, school events or weather warnings

Many groups create and maintain communities: citizens, educators, economic leaders, even governments. And they base them, of course, on issues of great importance to the communities involved. They unite with a common purpose, and take pride in impacting society in a positive way. It shows in how they feel about themselves.

  • 58.5  (out of 100) = the self-reported “well-being” score reported by those who have received no particular recognition for service to the community
  • 70.0  (out of 100) = the self-reported “well-being” score reported by those who have received recognition for service to the community

In short, those recognized for community service feel 20% better about themselves!

Sales Tips Takeaway: Community Matters to Your Business

Smart businesses see their customers (and their entire organization) as a community. Engaging with customers and prospects through enhanced customer service and online dialogues can have a significant impact on business decisions and business success. Among the findings cited in the report:

  • 51% of U.S. adults agree the companies are responsible for improving the lives of their customers
  • 88% of women (and 83% of men) globally are more likely to support companies who prioritize purpose over profit

Fortunately, it appears that companies are aware of the importance of listening.

  • 67% of companies use online communities to collect ideas for new products or features dirfree-sales-enablement-consultationectly from consumers
  • 72% use their online communities to get feedback and insights into how existing products are used

Sales Tips Takeaway: Be a Part of Superior’s Community

At Superior Business Solutions, we are always “all ears” when it comes to listening to customers and learning how to serve them better; our ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures we take feedback seriously. But we also love to help all of our friends in business move forward by sharing what we’ve learned.

For sales tips that will help your sales team succeed, contact us today and ask for a free 30 minute sales enablement review.

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