3 Words That Might Be Damaging Your Company’s Promotional Products – “Too Many Buyers”

3 Words That Might Be Damaging Your Company’s Promotional Products – “Too Many Buyers”Coming in at the number 5 spot for our most popular blog posts on the Superior Business Solutions Business Blog from 2014, comes “Three Words That Are Ruining Your Company’s Promotional Products”.  Enjoy the recap and stay tuned for the rest of the month’s countdown of our top 5 posts of 2014 which will end with a special thank you from us to you.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Every mid to large-size organization has a number of buyers of promotional products, and it’s not always helpful.

When just about every large department in a company from human resources to marketing is buying promotional gear it can lead to fragmented purchasing, extra expenses, and time wasted. In fact, too many buyers without a system in place to manage spend and messaging, can even be damaging to your company’s image.

So perhaps “too many buyers” comes across a little too strong, but you get the idea right?  Each of these many departments has its own needs and desires when it comes to their promotional product needs.  The most effective solution would be to have a single source for your promotional products and the technology needed to manage the purchasing efficiently, but there is no way a single source can organize and satisfy everyone, right?


There’s a Better Way To Manage Promotional Products

You may be feeling that it’s impossible to get true promotional product management with all these buyers and their many issues. Along with too many buyers…some say they want more options, some are nostalgic about the outdated suppliers they worked with for years, some are keen to search for the supplier that’s a little cheaper than you. You may be thinking that you will have to live with no idea of what you really spend, increased shipping and invoicing costs, less employee productivity and control on your brand.

But you don’t. A true promotional product management organization works closely with all buyers involved and has the ability to meet all of their needs while keeping in mind the overall needs of your corporation.

It Can Be Accomplished!

Superior Business Solutions has the attributes you need in a promotional product management partner. True promotional product management is about finding a partner to help you decrease costs and increase efficiencies with no new capital expenditures, and Superior Business Solutions can be that partner.

Just try us. Contact us HERE to find out about partnering with us to decrease your costs, increase efficiencies, and make everybody happy by turning “Too Many Buyers” into the perfect team of promotional product pros.

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