Featured: A Strong Foundation—and a Bright Future for Michigan-Based Businesses

Sometimes I have trouble holding in my pride about our company and my home state of Michigan. My company, founded by my grandfather in 1924, offers unmatched experience, technologies, and resources. And we use those resources to improve our customers’ print management and help them market more effectively with promotional items. And Michigan offers a seemingly endless choice of exciting outdoor activities I love, like sailing. It’s #PureMichigan and I love it.

But Michigan is also home to many incredible businesses that comprise strong owners and hard-working employees who have made it through a decade of tough times. Perhaps pride is an understatement when I describe my feelings about Superior and Michigan. The feeling would be more like excitement for a bright future. Are you with me? Well, I can tell you that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and their Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC) is with us.

Recently I learned we had been featured in the MEDC and PMBC September’s Supplier’s Success Spotlight. Supplier Success Spotlight is published monthly and is a look into the what is working with Michigan businesses, in large part, because of the MEDC and PMBC. It is a great honor for us to be highlighted and exciting to see who will be highlighted next.

Honing In On Quality

The article details our participation in the wonderful effort sponsored by the MEDC and its PMBC to connect local and global purchasers to suppliers of Michigan goods and services. They host events designed as “matchmaking” sessions to put buyers in touch with quality local companies who can meet their needs. Companies purchase from distant vendors for many reasons. But it’s often just a lack of information. They are unaware that those needs could be met with the same or better quality and reliability in their own backyard.

The article calls Superior Business Solutions a “success story” for taking great advantage of these sessions. We began our participation in 2014, and have expanded our involvement ever since. We have done very well in the short, face-to-face meetings afforded by the program. As mentioned, we have a number of new client relationships to show for it. And some Fortune 500 companies are among them.

Success from Back to the Future

We are grateful that the article references our history of helping businesses improve their sales practices for nearly 100 years. It credits us for the historical creation of the first sales order book in 1924 which increased efficiencies by making two copies with a single writing, to pioneering some of the most advanced integrated print, promotional product management and supply chain practices in use today.

Indeed, we’re looking forward—and outward. You read that we are ratcheting up our efforts to serve foreign markets. As a part of trade missions organized by the MEDC, we have ventured to Mexico twice in the past year and heading back soon. As a result, we are researching the needs of potential customers there, and determining how best we can meet them.

This is YOUR Business

We would again like to thank the MEDC and PMBC for highlighting us. But even more so, we have appreciated the opportunity to take part in a program that has helped grow our business.

If you would like to talk about how Pure Michigan Business Connect works, and how it helped us, please contact us. New customers just might be closer than you think. The MEDC, PMBC and I would like to help you find them.

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