Be Mindful. Be Productive. Be Done.

I’m going to take a step away from my usual business topics today and discuss something that may sound a little more “cosmic” than usual. But I believe it can make a big difference in your business day if you are open to it. Let me just start by saying the distance between meditation and print management is shorter than you might think.

Our CMO was telling me the other day how she practices guided meditations each morning with her 13-year-old. I thought it was a little weird to be honest. But she said that being “mindful” helps her with her work, and who am I to impede that? So I started poking around a bit about that buzzword “mindfulness” and found some interesting info from Health Journeys.

Why Mindfulness Matters to Your Everyday Business

You might recall that we have covered mindfulness in the past. Why does this interest a guy like me? (I’ve never been accused of being too “touchy-feely.”) Well, like most people in business, there are times when every day feels a little crazy. I’m trying madly to check things off a list. I never really finish, and it feels like I’m at just about the same starting line the next day. I find myself wishing I could focus better to do better work. Then I could accomplish more, enjoy a more peaceful day, and have more time to do the other things in my life that matter.

“Mindfulness” means being fully present and aware of the current moment: your surroundings, your feelings, and your thoughts. That’s not as easy as it sounds when “the next thing on the list” is trying to push its way into your brain. A little momentary meditation or “guided imagery” can help you slow things down. (This actually makes sense to me; in pro sports, they talk about how the game “slows down” for rookies as they become more accustomed to the frenzied big-league pace.)

Peaceful = More Productive

The Health Journeys site presents some interesting statistics from one of the world’s largest asset-management companies when it offered employees a meditation program. I’d like to share a few. Among employees who take advantage of it:

  • 66 percent experience less stress and/or manage it more effectively
  • 63 percent report better self-mastery at work
  • 60 percent find greater focus and exhibit better decision-making
  • 46 percent even experience increased innovation and creativity

You can bet there were more than a few skeptics at a company like that. But meditation made them believers. The article also mentions other big companies like Aetna, whose employees reported better time management after mindfulness training.

A Superior History of Mindfulness

Our company has always been focused on ways to help businesses increase efficiency and save time in the workday so that people can get out the door and off to the things in life that matter most. In 1924, our founder, and my grandfather, realized that using carbon paper in the order books he sold would save reps the time and trouble in the field of writing up multiple order copies. That gave Superior Business Solutions a jump start, and we’ve been providing time and labor-saving solutions to businesses ever since.

Today, some of our best solutions help streamline the purchasing of print and promotional items. Our experience and technologies make a huge difference for clients with one location, as well as to enterprises with many offices and facilities distributed across the country, even the world. I have to say it, not because it’s catchy but because it’s true: print management is a great tool for stress management.

Want a More Peaceful Workday?

If you want a more peaceful workday, I have a couple of suggestions. One is to check back here Thursday when I’ll be offering 10 Quotes to Promote Mindfulness at Work from some great thinkers and thought leaders.

Here are a couple of things you should be mindful of. We have nearly 100 years of experience helping businesses like yours. We’ve also earned ISO 9001:2015 certification. Finally, our customers’ comments have earned us a second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award. Who’s in a better position to help you streamline your workday? Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you get plenty more helpful suggestions.

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