A trend that I have been noticing with sales people are they are not sharing relevant, new information when talking to their prospects. They are relying heavily on the material provided by the company and not doing anything to set themselves a part from the rest. They are not engaging the prospect or presenting information in a manner that makes them want to know more. Below are some tactics that I have compiled that your sales team can use to take their sales conversations to the next level and get closer to turning a prospect into a customer.

Sales ConversationTeach your prospects something new. If they are already aware of your products and what problems they can solve, going over this will just bore them. You need to challenge them to think outside of the box and show them how your product is valuable from a different angle. This will help differentiate you from all the other sales people that are trying to win your prospect as well.

Emphasize the importance of change. The point here is to show them how sticking to the status quo is more harmful for their business. You can explain how it may feel more risky and uncomfortable at first, but show them how it’s actually less risky and how they will eventually adapt to it. Remember you need to sell that there is a need for your product before you can sell the product.

Explain the new approach. Instead of coming off the bat saying you have a better solution. Show them how your solution is different and what all it can do. And explain how your insights have helped them learn about new problems which once resolved will lead to them having a competitive advantage. Let them come to the conclusion that you solution is better. And make sure you describe what you do in a way that cannot easily be copied by your competition.

Remember to always keep your end goal in mind. Think strategically how you can accomplish that goal and turn your prospect into a customer. What other tactics would you add to the list above?

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