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In our last post we discussed three easy ways to save time in your workday, and now we want to dig in a little further and bring your marketing team some specific tips for freeing up their time. You’ve probably heard all you need to hear about organizational tips and blogs stressing the importance of staying on task. We know. The person who wrote that post probably got lost in Facebook at least once before he or she was done. Instead, we’ve gathered some pragmatic resources and tricks of the trade that will help you in a tangible way and give you the time you need to focus on more important things.

  1. Collaborate – You can’t do it alone. You probably already know that, but it’s worth saying because we can’t stress it enough. Marketing for a business – however small or localized – is a team effort that involves everyone in the company. If you’re overwhelmed, consider outsourcing some of your work to sites like demandLEAP or Zerys so you can get to the tasks that are most pressing.
  2. Internet Tools – Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on some well-researched time saving tools for your lead generation marketing. Used correctly, many of these tools are an investment in the future, and they can make your job easier on every level. Make collaborating with team members and clients a simple process by using Basecamp. Streamline your social media by scheduling all your posts from one site like Hootsuite or Sprout Social. And keep all your thoughts and articles in one place and saved for later with Evernote. The resources and possibilities are practically endless, so decide what you need and then look for a resource that closely fits those needs. You’re likely to find it.
  3. Sales Enablement – Finally, consider how you can increase your influence and circulate your message non-digitally. Superior Business Solutions’ GoToPrint is a great place to start. This enablement service gives you the ability to create, customize, print, manage, and distribute sales and marketing documents and materials with ease and speed. We move print orders from press to transport to your destination in hours. This can save you tons of time in which you’re now able to write that blog, prepare for that presentation, and catch up on all of your other daily tasks without getting behind.

Find out how else Superior Business Solutions can save you time by checking out our other marketing enablement services here. As a marketer, your time is highly valuable to your business, and we believe in giving you some of that time to pursue what is valuable to you.

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