Mashable Says QR Codes are “Cool Again”

A few years back, some “in the know” techies pronounced QR codes dead. But to paraphrase Mark Twain after he read his own obituary—reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated. Plenty of recent evidence suggests that QR codes are very much back in vogue; some of the most popular social media sites are promoting their resurgence. I’m convinced that you’ll be taking advantage of our free and easy QR code generator in short order.

In a recent post, Mashable says QR codes are cool again. This comeback shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Trends today show people display little patience and expect almost instant results in whatever they do. Thus the “quick” in quick response (QR) codes make them very versatile, and very popular with generations to whom social media is a primary lifeline.

Facebook and Snapchat “Swipe Right’ For QR Codes

QR codes are enjoying new popularity thanks to their inventive application in social media. The article points out that Snapchat’s “Snapcodes” empower members to add friends, swap information, visit websites and more within Snapchat, simply by scanning. Customers no longer need to download a separate app. A connection is quicker. And this eliminates the need for a separate app download and delivered immediate connections.

Facebook, too, has joined the party by creating an awards program that allows merchants to scan the QR codes of Facebook users to send them special gifts and offers. Spotify, as well as the huge international WeChat apps are also deepening their use of QR codes.

But What Can QR Codes Do For YOUR Business?

All well and good for the convenience of social media users. But let’s look at a few things QR codes can do to help businesses like yours.

  1. Create Brand Advocates

Okay, let’s role play a bit. A potential customer is intrigued by the message they find in your ad or promotional collateral. He or she scans the QR code and are whisked instantly to a specially designed landing page that contains a coupon for a sweepstakes entry, an event invitation or other valued content.

They feel rewarded and can’t wait to share their ‘find” with others. They have become your brand advocate, and feel a connection.

  1. Create Marketing Buzz with Promotional Items

You already know I’m a big fan of promotional items because they give your business incredible visibility as they are used and displayed prominently. But QR codes make them even better because QR codes invite the recipient to take things further. A scan takes them to a website or allows them to interact with you on another (closer to the sale) level.

The code itself stands out on the promotional piece, so it attracts attention. But more importantly, it helps turn a “giveaway” into a lead generator.

  1. Add Interactivity to Print

An attractive visual and compelling message can make print ads and other collateral materials very effective. But a QR code can make them interactive—the proverbial holy grail of marketing activities today. The code allows for a reader to be transported quickly to a website or special landing page.

That means he or she has already taken the first step toward doing business with your company. It holds the potential to be the beginning of a profitable two-way relationship for months and years to come. Whether those potential customers are looking at business card, a banner on a car dealer’s window, a direct mail piece or trade show exhibit, a QR code helps make a deeper relationship happen.

  1. Create a Google Maps QR Code

Convenience drives sales for most businesses these days. You won’t succeed unless you make it as simple as possible for your potential customers to find you. A Google maps QR code on your marketing materials instantly places your location in front of consumers’ eyes.

We talked up front about how important “quick” is to millennials and younger generations. From that map, your prospect can see just how close you are, and even call up directions to find the quickest way to get to you. And it’s quick for you to make a Google maps QR code, too.

  1. Maximize Your Code

Here are a few suggestions to help you reap the full benefit of using a QR code.

  • Put a short “How To” explanation with the code. Seems obvious, but why take chances?
  • Test your code on several different devices to make sure it works properly.
  • Use a URL-shortening service (like to create an easier-to-scan code.
  • Focus on content – “what’s in it” for the scanner. The excitement isn’t in the technology, it’s in the coupon or discount it offers.
  • Make sure the customer gets value from the QR code. Make sure the link provides valuable information or other worthwhile content to make it worth the trouble.

Yes, We Scan!

We have plenty of QR code experience and would be happy to share it. We can explain the new technologies and ways QR codes are being implemented today, and help your business get the most impact from doing it. Contact Superior right now and ask for help with designing and maximizing QR codes for marketing.

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