Great Looks to Dye For

Now that summer is getting into full swing, you probably are spending your share of time at games. It’s great to be outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying the friendly camaraderie on the sidelines or in the stands. If you’re a parent, you are always fan number one at their baseball, softball, soccer and you-name-it games. Perhaps you are involved as a coach or organization officer. You might be a sponsor, who provided the promotional apparel for a favorite team.

Uniforms Are Part of the Fun

The colorful uniforms are certainly part of the excitement. But after a couple of seasons, they can start to fade, and look a little run down. If that’s the case with the uniforms the kids on your child’s team (or your company’s after-work warriors) are wearing, I’ve got great news.

When it’s time for new uniforms or other promotional apparel, now you can get them quickly, inexpensively, and with no minimums. And those new uniforms can look great even longer, thanks to a special process called dye sublimation printing.

What Does “Dye Sublimation” Mean?

I don’t want to get caught up in technical jargon here, but basically, dye sublimation is a better way to add your name, graphics, log0, whatever to polyester or other synthetic fabrics. The inked image is loaded onto heat-resistant transfer paper and then pressed into the fabric.

Notice I said “into” and not “on to”—that’s important. Because in dye sublimation, the heat and pressure turn the dye into a gas—which actually seeps into the fabric and becomes part of it when it solidifies. That creates sharper and more brilliant images. Those images are permanent—no layers to peel off or erode through time and wash cycles.

What Does It Mean to YOU?

Well, if you need new uniforms for a school or community sports team, you get big-league looks and the ability to create exactly the uniform you want. Even individual names are no problem since each item is printed separately. So it’s perfect for:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball & Softball
  • Track
  • Bowling
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Fan Gear

If you own or manage a business, there are even more great applications. You can use the dye-sublimation process to create promotional apparel with graphics for almost unlimited situations and purposes:

  • Corporate wear
  • Company anniversaries
  • Safety recognition
  • New product introductions
  • Conferences and sales meetings
  • Company athletic teams
  • New business presentations

We’ll Help You Make the Play with Promotional Apparel and Uniforms FAST

Many customers have taken advantage of this excellent way to get great uniforms quickly and inexpensively through dye sublimation. Our relationships with quality vendors mean that things go smoothly. Our knowledge and experience make the project easy and a pleasant experience for you. If you’ll permit me one more bad pun—we’ll knock it out of the park together!

For my next post, I’ll turn the blog over to Pat Koczenasz, one of our top sales reps. He’s been with us a long time and he has a great story to tell you about how Superior used dye sublimation recently to come through for one of our customers big time.

We’ve been saving helping our customers increase efficiencies in their workday for nearly 100 years. Recently, we earned a second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award from our customers, so that’s not just talk. And our ISO certification ensures that we do it every time, on every project.

See you again on Thursday for Pat’s post, but until then, contact Superior today for your custom team uniforms. We are always ready to help you with promotional apparel or any other need for making your business more efficient, effective and successful.

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