Custom Pink Pens Make a Statement and a Difference

You obviously want to promote your business; your employees and their families depend upon it. But you also want to support things that are even bigger than that. So today I’d like to present an opportunity to make an important statement about something that has impacted many of those employees and their families—and possibly yours.

Breast cancer has touched an incredible number of families. Chances are, you have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with the disease. It’s a battle that needs to be fought. And you and your business can play a role in that battle with a special opportunity offered by our partner, HubPen.

A Promo Item That Says Something … and Does Something

Pens are among the most popular promotional products, for obvious reasons. Can you think of a day you didn’t use one? That’s why so many companies want to provide their customers and prospects promotional products with their company logo and messaging on them.

But right now, that pen can say even more about your business. By choosing HubPen’s special selection of pink pens, you support the effort to eradicate breast cancer in our lifetime. Through October 31, 2019, HubPen will contribute $12 for every order to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation.


Pens That Perform

The pens available through this offer are popular and high-quality products. They include the Javalina Chrome Bright, the Javalina Tropical, the Carico, and the Mardi Gras Night. Each is pink or has a pink accent to provide an immediately recognizable link to breast cancer awareness. Most are available in your choice of blue or black ink.

Each is a useful item that works well and looks great doing it. And as a promotional item, it couldn’t work any better. It carries your business message to build awareness. And its pink color immediately identifies your company as one that is a good corporate citizen, caring about things larger than its day-to-day sales.

Take a Signature Step for Your Business

Superior knows promotional items. We’ve been helping businesses operate efficiently for nearly 100 years, and promotional products are certainly an important part of that. And with ISO certification and three consecutive years of winning a Best of Print and Digital award, our processes have proven to be consistent and successful.

Here’s an opportunity to put our experience in your corner to help build your business, boost your reputation, and take a stand against the second leading cause of cancer deaths for women. Contact your Superior sales rep for more information on how to order these unique and important HubPen products.

Any pen can put your company’s name in peoples’ hands. But these pens can put it in their minds and hearts.

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