Labels Customized to Perform for You

A label or tag conveys important information, naturally. It might identify a product, carry distribution or tracking information or a dozen other things. But if you want the best custom labels for your business, you must consider many more variables. Your labels may need to meet rigid government or industry standards. Or they must continue to adhere and do its job while withstanding severe weather. You need to make sure your labels are personalized to take those special requirements into account.

In the first post in this series, I talked about the importance of having an experienced label partner. The second dealt with having a specific plan in place for the procurement and supply of labels. Today, I’ll tackle the third must-have element in your search for the best custom labels: personalization. You need labels personalized to your needs. Your label partner must be knowledgeable about the critical standards of your business or industry and your custom label plan must reflect that.

The Best Custom Labels Measure Up to Tough Requirements

Product recalls. Food contamination scares. Few weeks pass without another incident in the news. That’s exactly why agriculture and food production have imposed stringent labeling standards on their production process.

Why is that important? Well, in the event of a mishap, the media can quickly call out the impacted serial numbers of products potentially affected. If not for labels, how would they know? That’s not only important to protect the consumer. It even helps protect manufacturers who could suffer a much more severe consumer reaction without the ability to pinpoint problems.

Produce traceability initiatives call for great specificity in tracking case shipments to the time and point of origin. That allows companies and government agencies to access the information quickly. Thus, they can determine and fix process issues and pull potentially affected items off the shelves. Medical equipment and supplies face equally strict requirements for obvious reasons.

The Best Custom Labels Stand Up to Tough Environments

Sometimes it’s not the critical nature of the information a label must carry that presents the challenge. In many cases, it is the weather, temperature and handling conditions that the label must endure that requires specialized knowledge and preparation.

Products that need to be kept cold (or hot) during shipping and distribution need labels designed to withstand those extremes. Foods, medicines, and many raw materials can fall into this category.

Other labels must perform for long periods of time in challenging environments. Think of the various tags and stickers on your car, including under the hood. You must make decisions about label materials, adhesives, application methods and other factors with those in-use realities top of mind.

Don’t Let Labels Be a Sticking Point for Your Business

The label for a bin shipment of cantaloupes poses different issues than a special sales tag applied to a pork loin nearing its expiration date in the supermarket cooler. You need expertise in your corner to ensure you are getting the correct labels for your operation and getting them efficiently.

We’ve been making businesses more efficient for almost a century. Our customers see the results. Their reviews have earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And our ISO certification, which required meticulous customer focus and service, is just one of the reasons.

I hope this series has driven home one important point. And that is that “a label is a label” is a very dangerous way to think about such an important “commodity.”  Print and label partners are far from all the same, as well. And I’d suggest you align your business with a good one. You won’t find better than Superior. Contact us today, and your business will see the benefits in very short order.

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