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Many people think millennials are so focused on technology that they regard print marketing as outdated and ignore it. Those people apparently don’t know millennials very well. Because millennials want all the print marketing they can get their hands on. And one main reason is precisely because they can put their hands on it.

The physical nature of print means it involves more senses, which helps it create a deeper impression in the brain than simple digital imagery. So messages delivered on paper are inherently more memorable and engaging. And this is not mere speculation, it is supported by significant research studies.

It’s True for Millennials, Too

This physical effect doesn’t apply only to older people. Additional research shows that millennials not only do not “shun” but actually welcome print marketing vehicles.

  • 82 percent of millennials read direct mail from retail brands. (They sure don’t call it junk.)
  • 54 percent look forward to receiving hard-copy catalogs in the mail. (But hey, doesn’t everyone shop online these days? Nope.)
  • 75 percent use retail inserts from grocery stores. (You know, those things that come in the newspaper. Yes, the newspaper.)
  • 49 percent took print coupons to the store with them in the last 30 days. (Who knew millennials were so smart about money?)

What They Spend on Social Media is Time, Not Money

It is certainly true that millennials are more likely to spend significant time on their computers and smartphones than older generations. And not surprisingly, they make heavy use of social media platforms. On Facebook alone, 83% of millennials connect and share content. But for a marketer, it would be foolish not to consider a few other numbers before deciding to move away from print into trendier “digital” marketing channels.

As for millennials:

  • Fewer than one in 10 have made a purchase based on social media activity. Less than 10 percent. (Heck, 18 percent of people can still drive a stick shift!)
  • Only 1 percent purchased an item directly from a social site.

The Right Choice? Print and Digital Working Together.

When taken as a whole, the research paints an interesting picture of millennials. It really suggests that neither print nor digital alone will “win” the attention and dollars of millennial consumers. Rather, it shows that millennials are smart and resourceful shoppers who gather information and make purchase decisions using all the tools—and channels—at their disposal.

Online reviews might lead to a retail purchase, ultimately driven by offers or price comparisons from print flyers or catalogs. Millennials’ interactions with a business through social media build and strengthen a relationship, but a print direct mail piece, an ad in a circular or a print coupon may be the trigger that gets them in the door. Smart marketers understand multiple channels are part of millennials’ lives and build their marketing plans accordingly.

Let Print Marketing Make Your Business Matter to Millennials

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