Real Wood Means Real Impact for Your Business!

The very best marketing tactics do two things. They tie into a popular trend, so people are excited about them. And they are unique, helping you set your company apart from so many others your prospects could choose.

Well, “stick” with me, because today I’ll tell you about a promotional item that does a great job on both fronts:  wooden stickers.

Stickers in general are extremely popular today.

People of all ages use them freely to:

  • make a unique statement
  • shout out their favorite brands
  • support the causes they care about
  • set themselves and their gear apart

“Wood” Your Business Like to Stand Out?

But with everyone using stickers these days, how can your business be different?  Easy – provide your prospects and customers with stickers that allow them to be different. Stickers made of actual wood!

We’ve shared plenty of ideas on stickers and custom labels before. But I can’t remember one so perfect for the moment. The wood veneer is less than 1mm thick; thin enough to work like stickers, but thick enough to get noticed! And a powerful adhesive ensures they remain stuck.

That makes them the perfect “unique identifier” to show individuality on:

  • laptops
  • smartphones
  • travel mugs
  • dashboards
  • desk accessories

It’s hard to think of a place they wouldn’t work!

A Unique Background for YOUR Unique Message

These wooden stickers are beautiful to begin with. Natural patterns mean that no two stickers are alike. The grain, color, and texture will vary from piece to piece.

And there is virtually no limit to what your creativity can accomplish with such unique message-holders for your business. Sticker sizes up to 2” x 2” are available, and price includes profiling and etching on one side.

Wooden stickers provide a sophisticated surface for your logo or tagline. And that makes them memorable keepsakes when you hand them out at events or trade shows or give them to office visitors.

It’s easy to imagine plenty of uses for retail businesses and product manufacturers. But think about how standard workplace messages will get more attention and compliance when typical stickers are replaced with these! Yours could become the next “cool” office!

You’re Sticking Up for the Environment, Too

It’s not only a beautiful product, it’s a sustainable one. In fact, with every order, a tree is planted! Those who love natural beauty will love having these stickers to look at.

We know from experience how much customers love wooden nature-driven products. That’s why we also offer a full array of other items like wooden keychains, phone holders, and many others.

These stickers can last for years. And because of their unusual beauty, they are often placed in the most visible spots.  Could there be a better branding opportunity in the sticker category?

No Sticking Points When You Order

Like other labels, we can supply these wooden stickers through our Commodity Management System (CMS), which streamlines the ordering and resupply process. Our Corporate Kiosk™ online portal allows authorized employees to obtain them as needed with no inventory, no hassle, and no time wasted on sourcing and fulfillment.

These wooden stickers are very affordable (no sticker shock). And they are available with a surprisingly quick turnaround.

You’ll Be Happy – No Need to Knock on Wood

Our five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards are a pretty strong indication you be glad you worked with us. Those awards are based strictly on the review provided by customers just like you to an independent research firm.  And our hard-to-earn ISO certification is proof we follow the right steps to make every customer successful.

Use the menus at the top of the page to contact us or one of our award-winning Superior sales reps today. They’ll help you promote your company with this exciting new product that doesn’t just stick to surfaces. It sticks in the minds of the people that matter to your business.

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