Living at the Office is Overrated

Chances are you love your job. You normally don’t get to be an owner, manager or successful without feeling that way. But that doesn’t mean you want to spend every waking hour doing that job.

Some still view “burning the midnight oil” as something almost heroic—a symbol of admirable dedication. But perhaps there is a more efficient way of doing things? That’s something we know about. Superior was founded on efficiency nearly 100 years ago.

Common Sense in Disguise

You’ve probably seen the mantra “work smarter, not harder” a lot in recent years. I agree, but it’s not revolutionary. It’s just common sense. And today I’d like to share five ways to use common sense to get out of the office a little earlier each day.

  1. Do More Business with Those Who Do It Better

When one of your suppliers comes through for you repeatedly and seems to understand your business, maximize your use of that supplier. Why wouldn’t you want the best results on a bigger share of your projects?

Many companies like to spread projects around, often because they don’t want one supplier being too dominant. So in order to maintain a largely imagined sense of competition, they are intentionally accepting lowered productivity or less than optimum results. Did your workday ever get longer because of having to “pick up the pieces” from a bad vendor experience?

A trusted supplier or partner saves you time, money… and family dinners.

  1. Count Conversions, Not Contacts, with Sales Enablement

A flurry of sales “activity” always feels good. And because that’s how the sales journey often starts, it’s not a bad thing. But while an email or a collected business card can be a great start, a lead isn’t money in the bank.

Sales enablement tools like marketing analytics, database management, and lead generation helps you find “hotter” prospects. Print-on-demand, for another example, allows tighter, more focused messaging that promotes closes, not conversations. And sales are what you smile at the end of the day.

  1. Stop “Stocking Up”

A lot of us formed this habit from parents who purchase five gallons of laundry detergent because that’s what the coupon required to get the best price. Some business owners are doing the same thing when they order huge quantities of printed pieces to get a lower “per piece” price. Or when they inventory or warehouse excess marketing or other materials to ensure supply.

That’s an antiquated concept today. A partnership with a quality supplier can help you get what you need only when you need it. And a managed e-procurement system like Superior’s Corporate Kiosk™ can minimize or eliminate the need for storing printed literature, business forms or promotional items. When you can travel light as a company, that takes a weight off your shoulders as you leave at the end of each day.

  1. Position People to Succeed

Another common-sense based tip here. When was the last time you saw a coach call over his star quarterback to kick a field goal? Bad idea, first, because the quarterback has his own job to worry about. And second, a specialist with just the right skills is at hand.

When you take your people away from basic responsibilities and make them order forms, promotional items, or do other unfamiliar tasks, you pay two ways. The task is seldom done perfectly, and you are denied the results those employees would have generated if they were performing their basic functions the whole time.

  1. To Go Home at Five, Don’t Go It Alone

You probably spend significant time planning for your business. And that’s okay when you are thinking about manufacturing, distribution or other core parts of your operation. But it’s not okay if you are spending your time planning (and overseeing) print projects and the acquisition of promotional items.

This time it’s you playing out of position, and perhaps allowing your basic responsibilities to fail. And it’s not merely wasting your time, it is missing out on true expertise in those areas. Which happen to be areas we know very well. When we use that expertise on behalf of customers, good things happen. Our three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards were based on the positive feedback from our customers. They fared quite well when they formed a partnership with us. (And I’m betting they were able to go home at 5 p.m., too.)

Stay Late—Or Call Us

Okay, if you love the smell of burning midnight oil, don’t call us. But if you’d like to leave the office at a reasonable time, our 95 years of experience in business efficiency can certainly help you do it.

Contact Superior Business Solutions and ask for a free print supply chain and promotional item audit. You might find that leaving your job at five might help you love it even more.

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