Coming Through in the Clutch with Jerseys in a Jiffy

Guest Post by 25-year print and promotional sales representative, Pat Koczenasz


Last week, Tim told you about a process called dye sublimation and explained how we can use it to get sports uniforms and specialized corporate apparel to you in a hurry. Well, besides providing custom labels and other printed material for my clients, I also enjoy working with customers who need promotional apparel for teams.

Being part of a team is something special. It generates pride and commitment. And that goes for traditional sports teams, or for companies or organizations that depend just as much on internal teams to succeed. A jersey or other piece of apparel showing that you “belong” can be a big boost to that cohesiveness.

That’s why I’m especially happy that at Superior we can provide custom uniforms and other items promptly, with exceptional quality and a high level of customization possible. With custom sublimation, you can even put names on the back of individual jerseys (even a name like mine) without adding cost. And there are no minimums.

Want an Example? Batter Up!

Recently a client needed uniforms for a softball team, and they needed them ASAP as the season was fast approaching. They were going to use a local provider, but this was a very busy time. They were told they couldn’t even expect a proof for some time, because of their small order size. Thirteen jerseys weren’t enough to be a priority. Fortunately, we were waiting “on deck” to save them time AND we were even less expensive, making it even better.

get custom team uniforms and promotional apparel with dye sublimation fast and affordable

This wasn’t magic. It was simply our relationship with quality vendors that helps ensure that the whole project runs smoothly. We have the knowledge to make things easy and deliver exactly the results you want. Here are some proof points from that situation:

  • The sublimation process can easily take up to four weeks, but if you work from a template to build your design (with a little help), that time can be shortened to 15 days. The order, in this case, ended up shipping three days early.
  • Shipping also happened without a hitch. The jerseys were shipped via FedEx Priority. And orders over $275 ship for free. So there were no worries and no shipping charges. That’s the difference experienced vendors can make. And we have several of them—we’ll pick the one that can best meet your needs.
  • Here, the client wanted the “old school” baseball look, so individual names weren’t necessary. But it would have been no problem. Adding names and numbers to jerseys only requires adding an Excel file to the order, and there’s no extra cost.

Team Spirit Made Simple

Last week, Tim mentioned lots of different ways you can take advantage of this process. Outfit school or company teams from almost any sport you can imagine. And don’t forget the internal teams that drive your business success, either. Great-looking promotional shirts make an impression when they feature your logo or provide special recognition of key company milestones, safety records, sales achievements or more.

In my experience, promotional apparel is always well-received by employees and clients alike. Whether it’s on the field and just for fun, or in the field, where it moves your marketing forward—it’s a home run.

Team Pride Starts Here

Expertise matters in a promotional apparel supplier. And for Superior, that goes triple. First, our nearly 100 years’ experience says a lot. Then we’ve got our ISO certification to show we follow the best practices carefully. And our second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award is the final word from our customers (and we’re very grateful for it). I know you read about those things almost every time, but they really make a difference. It pays to choose suppliers wisely.

Contact Superior today for your custom team uniforms or any need you might have for promotional apparel or items. Summer’s a great time to get out there. And it’s a great time to get your name out there, too.


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