Find One That Matches Your Needs, Not Your Zip Code

I’m happy to report that the message is getting out. Companies that stress the importance of efficiency are starting to “get it.” They realize they need to apply the same diligence to dealing with their print and promotional product requirements. And that means aligning with a proven print management partner.

There are several things to consider in deciding who that partner should be. And to be perfectly frank here, the least important factor should be “address.” You should be looking for the company best equipped to help your business achieve its objectives. The chances that the printer down the street can deliver the products and services you need for that are slim.

What SHOULD You Look For, Then?

Before we get to that, you should first look at your own processes and systems. Does your business handle print projects on a “one-off” basis? Do you start virtually from scratch every time you need a brochure, marketing piece, or business form? You need to change that.

With managed print services, you can put together an actual plan to incorporate what you are doing and what you could be doing to improve the impact of your print efforts. Know what you will do and why in advance. Save time, save money and boost results by executing that plan for all of your locations. The managed print services provider who can help you do that best will offer four things:

  1. Unquestioned Expertise

This may be difficult to judge since most local printers will naturally present themselves in the best possible light and may overstate their capabilities. But look for a long track record of success, relevant case studies and evidence of satisfied customers.

  1. A Strong Network

The ideal print management partner will be able to call upon an extensive, nationwide network of print and promotional product resources and will be able to attest to the quality of each provider in it. That means your project will enjoy the most favorable circumstances: the best price from the most appropriate print vendor that can meet your deadline without stress or compromising quality.

  1. Appropriate Technologies

The printing industry has changed for the better. Advanced technologies allow print-on-demand through limited-access web portals. These can reduce your need to print and store materials in massive quantities. They also lower the investment required, reduce waste and can save high labor costs incurred when inexperienced employees are forced to take on unfamiliar procurement tasks. A good print management partner will provide technologies and services to help standardize print and promotional item purchasing for multiple locations.

  1. Great Customer Service

Here’s another one that many claim but few deliver. Look for a responsible partner that not only reacts quickly to request but proactively suggests improvements and leads you to better decisions. Here again, there’s no better way to determine this than the reviews of past and current customers. Try to find them.

Here’s a Superior Measuring Stick

Naturally, this will sound like a setup. But I believe in the importance of the factors above. So it should be no surprise that we make sure our company lives up to them.


How about nearly 100 years of helping businesses improve their efficiency? It was our founding principle, and we’ve built and strengthened it every year since. We’ve pioneered concepts that changed the way people do business. And our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that our processes serve every customer well.


We have nearly 2,000 trusted print and promotional product vendors across the country that we can tap to handle your projects. No printer is right for all projects. But we know several that will be perfect for yours. We even have direct sourcing connections and capabilities to go overseas and create ANY printed promotional item you can dream up.


Check. Our Corporate Kiosk™, our on-demand e-procurement tool, allows you to approve forms, marketing materials, promotional items and anything else in advance. Then, employees you designate can order easily from that menu as needed and have those materials shipped when and where they are needed.

Great customer service?

If you are already a customer, you know, and I think our third consecutive Best of Print and Digital award, based entirely on customer feedback, is a pretty good metric.

Contact Superior today for a free print management review. We may not be on the same street as your business. But we are on the same wavelength when it comes to helping you succeed.

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