How Great Ideas Get Carried Away

Today, we continue our series on the valuable promotional marketing programs you might be missing out on. But this time I’d like to add something new: your new product. And I’m not only talking about cutting-edge products from the hottest new startups. This post most likely applies to almost every company, including yours. Because whatever your new idea, it has “longer legs” when your potential customers walk away with a reminder of it.

Maybe your new product really is a revolutionary creation. That’s terrific. But for most companies, a new product means a line expression, or an improved version of an existing product. Automakers “roll out” a whole line of new products each year. For fashion designers and retailers, every new style is a new product. For a hardware manufacturer, it might be a drill bit that lasts longer because of a harder metal alloy.

Sometimes a New Product Isn’t a Product at All

Your “new product” can also be a service. Maybe you are a grocery chain or an affiliated company that offers home delivery of groceries. Perhaps your dental clinic offers “walk-in” exams or cleanings. Your new product could even be a promise, like “pizza delivery in 30 minutes” or a “Pay No More for Four” tuition guarantee by a college.

As different as all these things are, they share one important aspect: they need to attract and hold the attention of current and/or potential customers. And plenty of research has shown that consumers love receiving promotional items. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to hand out an appropriate promotional item as part of the product launch. Because that item will help them remember the event, and the product it introduced!

What Promotional Item Goes with Your New Product?

Clearly, the answer depends on your business and the product it will be promoting. You could hand out a sample of the product itself, sized and packaged creatively in a unique container with a creative message and bold graphics. That works well for things that are simple to distribute in small amounts. Thus food products, cosmetics and others often go this route.

In other cases, you can use creativity to choose an item that reinforces the main benefit of your new product or service. Look at these ideas for our earlier examples:

  • The grocery delivery service could hand out small toy “delivery vans” with its logo on them. (Families with kids buy lots of groceries, right?)
  • The dental clinic could offer a “treasure map” with directions to the clinic. The treasure is healthy teeth, of course, and the map is wrapped around a tube of logo’d toothpaste.
  • The pizza place could pass out a branded hourglass timed to exactly 30 minutes. Who could resist trying it out on their next order?
  • At all student recruitment events, the college could hand out something that reinforces the “four” in its promise: a four-way flashlight, a four-color marker, or a “We’re 4 You!” T-shirt.

We’ll Make Your Product Launch More Memorable

The possibilities are almost endless, so I understand it can seem daunting. We can certainly help you with the ideas and creativity part. Superior Business Solutions has been helping businesses do more business, more efficiently for nearly 100 years. We’ve helped many businesses add impact to their new products, programs, services, and marketing themes. The right promotional product provides extra lift at getting the new product up and successful.

Just ask our customers. Their responses earned us our second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award recently. And while choosing a promotional product seems like all fun and games, we take it very seriously. Our ISO certification assures you that our programs and procedures are carefully designed and evaluated for their ability to deliver consistently excellent results for customers.

If you have a new product or service coming down the pipeline or want help packaging something you are already doing in a new and memorable way, we are here to help. Contact Superior for a promotional product audit. When you launch with promotional products, the sky is indeed the limit.

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