Promotional Marketing Doesn’t Just Get Your Name OUT, It Brings Business IN!

In my last post, I listed seven promotional marketing products that have proven valuable in building business for companies in the financial services industry. Those products are so versatile, they can be used in an almost unlimited number of ways.

But specific examples can help make a point more effectively. On Tuesday, I promised to provide some of those today. So let’s look at how those promotional marketing products can be used to your company’s advantage.

  1. Generate name recognition at events

You’ve probably heard the saying “the biggest secret to success is just showing up.” Well, when your company “shows up” customers and prospects notice. Plus, your logo and brand identity become familiar to them when they see it frequently. So it makes sense to present it prominently and attractively at all your locations with promotional marketing products. Also display it at trade shows, civic and charity events and other appropriate places. If people haven’t heard of you, they are unlikely to buy from you. Make sure that they have.

  1. Build loyalty and trust in your company name

This builds on #1 above. When potential customers see your company name in many places and situations, they start to attach credibility to it. You are seen as a “player” in the industry. Add your presence at critical industry events, community and charity efforts, and more. The effect is beneficial in two ways. It reinforces the substance of your company with current customers, inspiring loyalty, and makes you a prime choice for those just beginning to shop for the products and services you offer.

  1. Attract new employees

Don’t forget this important audience. You are only as good as your people, and the best candidates place the same value in a credible, visible company as consumers do. Create exceptional signage displaying your company name, logo, and key principles, and display it prominently at job fairs and similar recruitment events. A little taste of your culture and your stature in the industry can make a big difference.

  1. Add sales support at meetings and seminars

When your key people attend significant industry meetings or seminars, promotional marketing products can help you leverage your expertise. Attendees want to know about the organization behind the sponsors or presenters. Use promotional marketing products to brand your efforts and highlight the products and services you offer. Events like these position your company as a respected source in the financial services industry. In turn, well executed and positioned promotional marketing products turn that respect into return on the investment.

  1. Promote new services and products

Let’s be honest. Some consumers think of financial services as a fairly “dry” category with little distinction between competitors. You know that’s not the case, but how do you get your unique products and benefits across clearly? Promotional marketing products are the answer. Many of those tools I mentioned Tuesday are just perfect for this task. Banners, floor talkers and other vehicles can carry news of an additional policy option, a new type of account or a uniquely appealing fee structure. Until you tell customers and prospects how you are different, you’re not.

  1. Promote frequent-user programs

In most businesses, the best customers represent a larger proportional share of the company’s sales and profits than the others. It pays to identify them. Further, it pays to reward them for their loyalty and make that loyalty even stronger. If you have a frequent-user program (or can develop one), make sure your customers know about it, and its benefits. Even those customers who see you as similar to your competition will choose you more often if there’s something in it for them. Promotional marketing products do that job.

  1. Use them internally to engage employees

Your employees are another critical audience and driver of revenue for your business. Use promotional marketing products to keep everyone motivated and “on the same page.” Share positive news, like “employee of the month” or sales milestones. Keep your mission statement in constant view. In financial services, it’s wise to fuel your best corporate ambassadors with information and encouragement.

  1. Educate customers about insurance coverage and benefits

Financial services are often complicated. Insurance companies, for example, must present a broad range of coverage options and benefits to fit a variety of customer situations. Promotional marketing products can do an excellent job of explaining the differences, presenting comparisons and making customers comfortable and confident in making the buying decision. Investment advisers, financial institutions and many other industry firms can use them in much the same way.

  1. Attract trade show attention for investment companies

If you’re an investment firm hoping to stimulate conversations with trade show attendees, a table with a cloth thrown over it doesn’t do much. Therefore, they look to effective promotional marketing products to promote their sophisticated investment offerings. For example, Geometrix displays provide three-dimensional structures with bold graphic options that draw attention and draw in passers-by. For any company in the financial services industry, that’s an excellent return on investment.

  1. Advertise specials for tax preparation

Competition for business during tax season is stressful for firms and individuals offering tax preparation services. In this type of frenzied, time-sensitive environment, it’s important to grab the consumer with a good offer and a good reason to act now. Promotional marketing materials positioned around retail locations and in other relevant and timely venues will generate profitable returns. (No pun intended, but I’ll leave it there.)

Make Promotional Marketing Products Work for Your Financial Services Company

I hope these thoughts have inspired some of your own. My real point? Financial services firms can’t afford to shy away from marketing. In fact, by using some of the promotional marketing products and ideas I’ve highlighted this week, you will almost certainly generate “plus” business, and enhance your company’s awareness and reputation along the way.

If you would like some help in choosing and implementing these promotional marketing ideas for your financial services business, contact Superior or reach out to one of our winning promotional product sales reps.

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